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The Five Weeks of Giuseppe Zangara

No description

Kaitlin Anderson

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of The Five Weeks of Giuseppe Zangara

The Five Weeks of Giuseppe Zangara
Miami, FL
Bayfront Park
Feb 15, 1933
Giuseppe Zangara fired five shots in an attempt to kill president-elect Franklin D. Roosevelt. While he missed FDR with all five shots, he managed to hit 5 other people. One of these people included the Mayor of Chicago, Anton Cermak, who would later die due to medical malpractice in treating his gunshot wound.
Born in Italy, September 7, 1900
Forced to work as a child by his father who beat him regularly and wouldn't allow him to attend school
Began to have stomach pains as a child
His mother thought he was bad luck because he had to have surgery as an infant, she died in childbirth when he was 2 year old
At 3 years old he fell down 2 flights of stairs, injuring himself
At 4 years old he fell into a fire
Left home at the age of 17
At 18 he was drafted into the Italian Military, he would be drafted again not to long after
Immigrated to United States September 2, 1923
Applied for citizenship in 1923 and was sworn in September 11, 1929
Had an operation at age 25 to check for chronic appendicitus and (possibly) a diseased gall bladder, he improved and was released 2 weeks later however his stomach pain started again
Traveled excessively and seemed make friends with women easily wherever he went
Went to Miami in Feb 1932, moved several times while he was down there and eventually went back to New Jersey to see his uncle for a few months in 1932
Rummored that he returned to Miami due to heartbreak either by 15 year old Marry Yanni or the 16 year old daughter of Pietro Galanto
Rummored he bought the gun to go to Washington D.C. to kill President Hoover but decided to try for FDR instead to avoid the cold weather in D.C. since FDR was coming to Miami
Bought a five round gun and ten bullets, the only bullets found were the five aimed at Roosevelt's head
After the shots were fired, he was tackled by somewhere between 7 ad 10 people, some of whom strangled and beat him in an attempt to kill him
Rushed out of the crowd and handcuffed to the luggage rack of an SUV
Taken to the county jail, stripped, interviewed, and photographed
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