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No description

Spiff Young

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Vincent

Vincent Van Gogh By Leo Young His life His paintings Yay Prezi! Vincent Willem van Gogh Was Born March 30 1853 He was an artist Pretty stuff! He was super Awesome You already knew that These bubbles are neat Crushing depression Is considered one of if not the most influential painters ever Pros and cons Vincent's life Didn't make money while alive Public didn't appreciate
his art until it was too
late More talent in one skin cell then most have in their entire body He will never
be forgotten http://y.brightcove.com/bbc/video/719512194001/Doctor-Who-Vincent-van-Gogh-Visits-the-Museum/ The end 1:40 in. One minute clip The starry night
The church at auvers
Wheatfield with crows Died July 29 1890
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