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Freshman Advice

No description

Megan Murray

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of Freshman Advice

By Megan Murray & Emma Fulkerson Welcome to High School! Things You Should Know: Know your way around the school as much as possible
Counselor suite is on the 1st floor, so you can't walk all the way around in a full square on the 1st floor
Know the location of the staircases (This will help you get to class faster.
Don't run to class!! You have 5 minutes, that's plenty of time. Fact and Myth of Savannah Arts Academy: There's a pool on the roof and under the gym.
Sophomores sell elevator passes for $5.
This school is not haunted
There are laundry shoot slides in the wall, but they're only for seniors to use.
There is PE that is held on the roof. It's taught by Coach Roberts.
Call the Blonde, Jewish Sophomore boy for a good time. Girl or boy, doesn't matter to him. JUST AS LONG AS IT"S A FRESHMAN.*
Class Help: Do any homework that you are given. This includes reading from the textbook. There are a lot of pop quizzes.
Go to tutorial before you're failing the class.
Honors classes add three points to your semester grade. AP classes add five points instead of three. These points don't average in to GPA or Hope Scholarship. WATCH OUT!! No really! SAA is creepy! *Disclaimer: Sophomores are not responsible for STD's contracted from your experience with the jew.
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