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5.06 World History

No description

Kenzie Scarborough

on 11 January 2014

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Transcript of 5.06 World History

Fourth Of July
5.06 World History
Origins: Bastille Day celebrates the storming of Bastille, a prison and fort in Paris. It takes place on July 14th.
Traditions: The traditions of Bastille Day are the French Military Parade, the President gives an interview discussing projects and recent events. The French Aircraft also holds a show.
Symbols: Symbols of this holiday are the Eiffel Tower, the French Flag, and NAtional Anthem.
Bastille Day
Origins: This holiday celebrates the official separating of America from Britain. It takes place on July 4, and the 13 colonies declare independence from the King of Britain.
Traditions: The traditions of July Fourth are fireworks, parades, as are political speeches and ceremonies.
Symbols: The symbols of this holiday are the American Flag, the colors red, white, and blue, and the bald eagle.
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