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Visual Arts

No description

Brooke Houston

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Visual Arts

Visual Arts in the 1500-1600s Performing Arts Famous plays in the 1500s -Hamlet (1600-1601)
-Romeo and Juliet (1594-1595)
-Julius Caesar (1599-1600) The Globe Theater: Paintings - Built in London
- Three stories high, and built around an open space in the center.
- Polygonal shaped to give an overall rounded effect.
- Could hold 1500 people
- Owned by Lord Chamberlain's Men Mona Lisa- Painted in the early 1500s by Leonardo Da Vinci Since the Camera was not invented until 1840, people in the 1500s mostly relied on paintings as their way of capturing a moment, telling a story, or showing what someone looked liked at the time. Famous Paintings in the 1500s: Costs of the performances in the globe: -Entrance fees were 1 penny
-Actors salaries varied according to how important their role was. lead roles were paid 2 shillings a day. un-important roles were paid 1 shilling a week.
-Lord Chamberlain's Men became very wealthy The Lady Elizabeth in about 1546, by an unknown artist Picture Citations: The Peasants' Dance- painted in the Netherlands in late 1500s by Pieter Bruegel. Pottery: Printmaking Sculptures: -This technique was used in the 1500s by artists who wished to sell their work because they could make as many copies of it as they wanted.
-Ludwig von Siegen invented this technique in 1609 Printmaking is the artistic design and manufacture of prints as woodcuts or silkscreens. (different from the printing press used for newspapers) Tin-glazed Pottery was a common form of pottery back in the 1500s. This was pottery covered in a form of glaze, usually making the pottery look shiny and silky smooth Pottery is the visual art of forming clay, porcelain, or other earth elements into things like vases. Sculpting is the visual art of making life-like freestanding statues of mostly people. These statues are usually not attached to anything but the base. There have been too many famous sculptures too count, such as David and The Thinker. During Shakespeare's time the famous sculpture the Pietà was made by Michelangelo The End Famous Painters in the 1500s: -Leonardo Da Vinci
-Donato Bramante
-Mariotto Albertinelli
Stefano della Bella Del Sarto Famous Printmakers: -Stefano della Bella
-Luca Giordano
-Salvator Rosa
-Pietro Testa From the 1500s to the 1600s; pottery making continued in Florence, Faenza, Naples, Orvieto and Deruta.
Elizabeth 1 as a Princess. 2011. New York. Wikipedia. Picture. 1/26/13.

Pieter Bruegel's Peasant Dance. 1500s. New York. Developmentalidealism. Picture. 11/26/13.

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Globe Theater. 2009. Greece. Athenalearning. Picture. 11/26/13.

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Rubylane. 1900s. Somewhere in the World. Amazonaws. Picture. 11/28/13.

A Plate with People on it. Before the 1900s. Somewhere in the world. Wga. Picture. 11/28/13.

Michelangelo. David. 1500s. Rome. Wikipedia. Picture. 11/28/13.

Michelangelo. Pieta. 1500s. Rome. Webanswers. Picture. 11/28/13.
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