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Launching Krispy Natural: Cracking the Product Management Co

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aya kin

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Launching Krispy Natural: Cracking the Product Management Co

Launching Krispy Natural: Cracking the Product Management Code
Key Strategic Priorities of Pemperton
Building a collection of
attractive and durable brands

Leveraging leading
marketing, sales and DSD
systems to increase revenue and profits

Building or acquiring
capabilities in salty snack categories

Problem of the case
Strategic Priorities
Attractive and durable brands
Marketed as mobile
"Grab and Go"
strong presence in vending machines convenience store

Improve product taste and quality

Increasing the package size

Made from 100% whole wheat and other natural ingredients

Available in 3 flavor options
Marketing, sales and DSD systems
Consumer research
High desire for healthy products
Regular and frequent demand
74% consume crackers at a regular basis
34% consume crackers as a part of regular weekly diet

Competitors analysis
(KraftFood, Kellogg Co, Pepperidge Farm)

Market tests
(Columbus, Ohio, Southwest)
Marketing approach
Heavy advertising and promotion
Pull strategy

DSD (direct store delivery)
greater control of shelf space
Accurate forecasting
Reduced stockouts
Quicker turnover of products

Capabilities in salty snack categories
Partial competitors analysis
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