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Givology: 2013-14

6 years of growth and flying high

Jenn Chen

on 9 April 2017

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Transcript of Givology: 2013-14

Now to the
Givology: 2013-14
Year in Review

About the Partners

Abaarso Tech

Escuela Caracol

Umbrella Foundation
Media Highlights
More Than Me - Katie Meyler Ebola Fighter (TIME Person of the Year 2014)
Givology Milestones
Let's recap the last 6 years together
Dear Supporters,
What an incredible year. Givology continues to trail-blaze in convincing the world that small dollars, a few minutes a day, and direct connections add up to change the way people give to education. We have learned so much about what it means to grow sustainably and build through collaboration within the Givology community of volunteers, partners, chapters, as well as outside of our team.

As a 100% volunteer organization, where no one is paid a salary or working full-time with Givology, we must resourcefully allocate every minute we have. We think a lot about where we should focus internally on and who to partner externally with. There are so many peer organizations who want to help us make a difference in international education - you will hear about a few of these great organizations this year.

Givology is constantly rebuilding and innovating. We searched for new ideas on how to help our partners fulfill their funding needs without reliance on large-scale fundraising. Read on to discover more about our product lines.

Of course, there are always improvements to our core: growing awareness, building our team and platform, and serving our partners - both old and new. We would like to share some milestones from our year with you.

2014 marks our 6th year of operations, and we're proud of how far we have come. Let's walk through the numbers and the stories from our last year together.

2014 Increase in Revenue
Revenue growth from 2013-2014
Total Revenues

Online donations: $26,879
Fundraising: $4,084
Corporate matching: $14,313
Other (Interest): $25

Total: $45K

Expense to Revenues ratio
Total Expenses
What is Givology again?
Short Recap
We are an online giving marketplace that supports student scholarships and other grassroots education projects in over 25 countries: from A (Afghanistan) to Z (Zimbabwe).

Supported entirely by volunteers, it is a 1-1 giving community that partners with nonprofits and schools globally to directly connect internet donors to the students and school
in need.
Walk through why Givology's model matters...
...and hear a 5-min clip from our Board Members at M Night Shyamalan Foundation (youtube.com/watch?v=q8t9OWyGRUo)
Our Model
Givology partners with credible, community-based non-profits and schools that support innovative grassroots education initiatives or student scholarships in the developing world.
Internet donors access Givology’s web-site, register an account, and browse student and project profiles.
Donors add money to their wallet and allocate money to students and projects; they can also use our innovative messaging system to directly reach out to those they support.
Once a student or project is fully-funded, Givology sends a check to the partner organization, which is then responsible for delivering the amount of the money to the student or the project beneficiaries.
On a quarterly or semi-annually basis, the partner organization is responsible for providing a progress update.
As our regular eye and ears, Givology Fellows travel to the partners' sites, sponsored by Givology, and report back with their findings ("Notes from the Field" section on our site).
Givology volunteers and chapters help share updates, run social media, and participate in events to support partners.
The Financials
Partner Stats
Number of active partners
Number of total partners historically
Note: We actively screen for regular engagement and terminate partnerships after admission
Number of students fully funded
Number of projects fully funded
Note: Data was updated March 1, 2015
Number of countries reached
Partner Profiles
World class intermediate and secondary school education to the best and brightest Somalis. It stresses- Integrity, Tenacity, and Critical Reasoning, inspiring its students to achieve more than they thought possible. 

Primary school on Lake Atitlán that offers a model for educational reform centered on serving the needs of the whole child – head, heart and hands - in tandem with the indigenous community

Works to alleviate the impact of trafficking, poverty and war on children and their families in Nepal

SKIP Peru releases a video about a student in their program
Escuela Caracol launches 1st clip in documentary
New Partners
Inaugural Year
Started on the campus of University of Pennsylvania

Recruited 6 people to start ideation

Raised $10K from Weiss Tech House at Penn and built site

Givology was incorporated in Pennsylvania with the help of pro bono services from Dechert

Had 3 initial partners
Toddler Years
Launched the website - givology.org platform was released
Had our first fundraiser that raised $20K, a record

Created first NYC chapter

Recruited first Board Members

Held first social media contest:

"What does giving mean to you?"
(winning entry is to the right)

Nick Kristof of the NYTimes wrote about Givology: "Do-it-yourself foreign aid" and generated huge press interest

Partners count: 30
Building a Name
We were nominated for Shorty Awards for charity and became a finalist in Vivanista's Love of Philanthropy Contest

Wharton MGMT 100 program began its recurring relationship with Givology - fundraised $10K

Teacher Nancy Walters hosted school fundraiser for 2nd graders after hearing about us through press

Givology was invited to participate in Ford Focus Global Test Drive event in Madrid for impact after winning video contest (far right):
Launched "60 Seconds, 60 Days" campaigns (below):

Announced partnership with M. Night Shyamalan
Foundation and admitted Shyamalans to Board

Released first edition of Givology's
Meaning of Giving Amazon e-book

Partners count: 48
Sustainable Growth
Launched second edition of Givology e-book; 6,000 copies downloaded
Started Tweetchats program #givchat

Chapters growth surged to over 18 globally
New MGMT100 team launched an innovative new
"How many pennies would you give"

We've reached a count of 200 volunteers globally and 13,000 donors
Partners count: 53
More Than Me ‏@MoreThanMeORG Jul 30
@Givology ensuring the girls safety. Making sure that the girls feel empowered to speak out when they've been wronged. #givchat #advocacy
Tom Zhang ‏@tomzhang69 Sep 10
And many who have vocational training leave the country resulting in brain drain #givchat
Amy Fan ‏@amyfanamy Oct 1
In terms of non-profits, it allows them to share information that wouldn't be accessible to most people otherwise #givchat
Sherry Zheng ‏@shzheng437 Oct 1
A7: Simply because it makes me feel connected to the world. It is a powerful tool to spread info in a fast and efficient way. #givchat
New External Collaboration
Volunteer Ru-ping Chen connected us to UN Foundation GirlUp and we've since collaborated on webinars and social media campaigns.
To 2015!
Closing Thoughts
As we look towards 2015, we hope to introduce you to even more stories and videos from our partners and further expand funding to allow for higher efficiency in fulfilling student and project grants from an even wider base of education nonprofits in need.

But don't wait another year, please keep in touch with us, directly or indirectly.

Accenture's pro bono consulting services have opened many doors for us - including supplying us great volunteers in Philly for our tech and business strategy initiatives
Givology was chosen to work with UPenn's new Hack4Impact group in rebuilding our analytics dashboard
Givology's founders Joyce and Jenn were selected as winners in 2013 and continue to help nominate and coordinate NYC events
Gotham's founder was connected to Givology through a mutual contact and has their space for our annual events
Spotlight on Peach Students
Tech, tech, tech: This is our lifeblood and investing in a new version of code and more functionality for our site / mobile will be pivotal for growth
2014 Launch: Givology Product Line
The story of our product lines...
Controllable sustainable revenues: We will continue to invest in ideas to create more predictable funds for us to raise for our partners and build out Products and alternate fundraising models
Partner updates and visuals: We will be increasingly focused on helping partners with marketing and PR through visual updates and stories. We want to improve both Givology and partner branding
Advisory: We want to broaden our external network and bring in trusted advisors and organizations into our strategy planning process this year
And continued to expand after our NYC Chapter President and VP, Min and Liza struck a partnership with Greentag to produce recycled leather wallets.
which produced the winning design for our first product, inspiration tees.
At $20 -35 price points, we have already sold over $500 since our official launch in Sept. We can't wait for our 2015 marketing campaigns to further commercialize!
You're a part of our Givology family, so don't be a stranger.

Peach has been an amazing partner of Givology's. It was the very first partner we brought on in 2008 and has grown with us from the beginning.
Want to be a part of the Givology movement?
There are so many ways to join us and participate! Go to...

spread the word, write a blog post, write a letter to our partners, lead an event, start a campaign
band a group together through giving and reach out to us to start a chapter
work with us on a structured basis of 10 hr/ week in finance, tech, communications, marketing, and other functions
More on Chapters
Take a look at some of the great work done by our chapters globally in 2014 and into 2015
Feb 2015: UVA Chapter, Valentine Day cards and items fundraiser
March 2015: Brand new 24-people Chicago chapter gathered over 120 people and raised over $1,200 in 2 hours. All of those funds are going to AID India and will be used to support an entire village
Dec 2014: Christmas Eve fundraiser held in two places: Nam Phap Church and An Hai Parish Church celebrating giving back and fundraising for Asia projects
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