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Lets Move To Texas Llano Uplift

Student choice project about domestic violence.

Ayns Rodriguez

on 24 May 2012

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Transcript of Lets Move To Texas Llano Uplift

Components of the Environment Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition Let's Move To Texas
Llano Uplift Abiotic Factors Characteristics of the climate

Rainfall- 24-32 inches of rain per year

Elevation- 825-2250 feet above sea level By: Ayns Rodriguez, 4th Period May 17, 2012 Biotic Factors Enchanted Rock Precambian Igneous Rocks Llano River Wild Turkey Fox Sparrow Texas Horned Lizard Weathering

Soil is predominantly coarse textured sands produced by weathered granite over 1000 years

Enchanted Rock- Granite exfoliation Deposition
Eroded particles are dumped into a new location
Eroded soil and rock is deposited in the upper South Texas Plains eco-region
Deposition of llanite
Metamorphed sedimentary rock Catastrophic Events Predict which event could happen? Highest risk of flash floods Enviromental Impact on eco-region An Actual Catastrophic Event Texas Flood of 1935 1935 Flooded the near the City of Llano Ecological Succession Erosion
Weathered rock particles are carried away
Erosion on Enchanted Rock by wind and water
Eroding of soil and rock
Erosion of sediments Watershed in eco-region

Llano River Body Type: River Location

Near Edwards Plateau and Llano Uplift
Northwest of Austin Watershed
An Area of land from which all runoff drains or sheds to the same river, lake, or body of water (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Watersheds Human Effects Correct Human Effects The City of Llano is flooded
Turned the city to an island Bacteria
Dissolved Oxygen
Impaired Macrobenthos Community
Chlorine Dioxide In some places primary succession is oocuring
For example Enchanted Rock In others, secondary succesion is occuring Lichens are able to form on rocks around the area Stop dumping waste
Lessen the use of fertilizers and pestisides Cause of succession:
Nature Temporarily turned the city to an island
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