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Education system of USA

No description

Namfon Meesook

on 24 August 2013

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Transcript of Education system of USA

Education system of USA
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Elementary & secondary education
- mainly provided by the public sector.
- compulsory for all children in the United States (from 5-18 years old)
- separated into 12 grades.
- Mandatory subjects (Science, Mathematics, English, Social sciences, Physical education)
- using a letter grade in grading scale.
School grades
- Preschool (3-5) : Pre-kindergarten
- Elementary school (5-11) : Kindergarten - Grade 5
- Middle school (11-14) : Grade 6-8
- High school (14-18) : Grade 9-12
- Post-secondary education (Ages vary)
Mandatory subjects
- Science
(normally biology, chemistry and physics)
- Mathematics
(normally including algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, statistics, and even calculus)
- English
(including literature, humanities, composition, oral languages, etc.)
- Social sciences
(including various history, government/economics courses)
- Physical education

* receive some form of
sex education
at least once between grades 7 - 12
Grading Scale
College & university
- called freshman, sophomore, junior, senior years (4 years program)
- Bachelor Degree, Master Degree, and Doctoral Degree
- Professional degrees (law, medicine, pharmacy, dentistry) are offered as graduate study after earning a bachelor's degree.
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