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Educators Consortium for Service Learning at NYLC

No description

Sammy Lyon

on 22 March 2017

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Transcript of Educators Consortium for Service Learning at NYLC

A BRIEF History
what are your interests, skills
& talents?
well, i love to...
the Network
Getting Started
Get to know your community
Define and identify your needs
Secure DIY funding or grants
Form a 501(c) or not
Establish a core group
Represent teachers, admin, parents, orgs
Choose when & how often to meet
Getting Started
Get support from school leaders
Outreach to local orgs, other schools, parents, admin, teachers
Seek out 1-2 reps per school
Attend local events, conferences, meetings
Send out promotional mailings
Build a support team for RSVP, emails, website, etc.
Solicit venues for meetings, i.e. schools, museums, libraries
Building the Network
Establish meeting topics that meet real needs
Make a priority questionnaire
Create a common language to define "service learning"
Integrate curriculum planning time
Connect to community organizations
Pool resources to bring in experts
Showcase teacher & student work
Incorporate critical current events
Planning Content
What did you come up with?
Share Out
What is the
How might
you use this activity to start an ECSL network in your region?
Who's in the room?
Share Out
Stronger Together! Building and Sustaining a
Collaborative Regional Service Learning Network
Take notes
on your partner's
How can youth find creative solutions to genuine issues?
Link schools & teachers who share a passion for student-led solutions
Workshops 3x/year developed by ECSL Strategy Council
60-80 Participants
Interactive website
Curriculum tools
Published books
Outreach to underserved
Next Gen of Service Learning Leaders
ECSL Members Ask...
How to make sure individual students are all involved in meaningful ways without being a burden to outside organizations we are serving?
How to incorporate academic skills
and create rigorous assessments.
How can I make sure
assessment is legit?
How do I inspire students to do something to serve a real need that they are passionate about and “not just fulfill the requirement?”
Pick one topic to work on in small groups
What questions do you have about starting an ECSL?
Brainstorm how you would design an ECSL in your community
List 3-5 immediate next steps for when you go home
Be ready to present your action steps to the whole group
20 min
Donna Ritter
What did you get out of this discussion?
Do you intend to get started?

What further info do you need?
15 min
5 min
2 min each
the Network
Getting Started
Planning the Content
Mission: Provide educators with innovative ideas, practical resources and collegial experiences that bring service learning to life in K-12 classrooms.
Getting Started
Building the Network
Planning Content
Thanks for participating...
now go build your network!

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