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Cultural Diversity at Davidson

No description

Marybeth Campeau

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Cultural Diversity at Davidson

The Strategic Plan Background Information Current Definition of a "Culturally Diverse" Class Students Indicate Importance to a Davidson Education Research Question How effective is the current cultural diversity requirement, and how should a new cultural diversity requirement be structured? EFFECTIVENESS IDEAL FUTURE REQUIREMENT Variables Dependent Independent Dependent "Effectiveness"
expand awareness of and appreciation for cultural diversity Minority Status
Disability, etc.
Natural Science
Social Science
Humanities What should be included in a new requirement
International diversity
Domestic diversity
Identity-based conceptions of diversity inside the United States
None; eliminate the requirement Hypotheses Hypotheses Minority students will view the requirement as less effective

Conservative students will view the requirement as less effective

Natural science majors will view the requirement as less effective Minority respondents will support the inclusion of all definitions of diversity and will want to keep a requirement.

Conservative respondents will reject the inclusion of any definition of diversity and will want to eliminate a requirement. Minority status not statistically significant Natural science is very negatively significant Conservative is negatively signficant Moving Forward Ideology is statistically significant in every regression to 99%

Minority status is statistically insignificant

Major was not included to avoid multicollinearity
Study how ideology is connected to major
Minority is not statistically significant (sample size?)
Conservatives support study abroad as a fulfillment of the requirement
More detailed data from individual students EFFECTIVENESS IDEAL FUTURE REQ. IDEAL FUTURE REQ. Stastical Findings & Analysis EFFECTIVENESS Stastical Findings & Analysis
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