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Palau Reefs

No description


on 23 January 2015

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Transcript of Palau Reefs

Palau Reefs
Like...Where is this place at?
Dude...Why do you call it that?
Palau also known as Belau is an amazing coral reef which was shaped around two million years ago.

Awesome...This can't be real!
But it really is real you can go there right now for a vacation!This is also known for its great swimming areas!
Cool...How was it made?
The Palau islands are a group of volcanic islands originated several million years ago by the volcanic activity in the Pacific Ring of Fire.

This is what it looks like!
WoW...Anything else?
Yes!We believe that first human inhabitants of Palau arrived around 2000 BC from the current Indonesia. In 1543 Europeans discovered Palau when the Spanish explorer Ruiz Lopez Villalobos arrived to the region.

Jasmin Green
Palau is an Island nation in the Pacific Ocean composed by around 343 islands, whose surrounding seas and coasts are considered a wonder of the Underwater World. Palau is one of the greatest diving spots of the Earth. It is located to the southwest of Micronesia to 800 Kilometers (around 500 miles) of the Philippines.

Palau was under Spanish control a long time.The German government sent several scientists to study the Reef

The face of those who leave

I approve this message!
"7 wonders of the world - 7 wonders of everywhere and all ..." 14 Jan. 2015 <http://www.7wonders.org/>

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