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Torah tech Webquest: How to Navigate a Page of Talmud

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daniel dwoskin

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Torah tech Webquest: How to Navigate a Page of Talmud

By Devorah Winfield and Daniel Dwoskin Navigating a Talmud Understanding the Mishnah Understanding The Talmud Shoresh=shnh
Mikrah=that which is read 6 Sedarim of the Mishnah Seder Zrayim—crops and food set aside for priests and poor
Seder Moad—Shabbat and the cycle of annual festivals
Seder Nasim—marriage and divorce
Seder Nezikim—civil and criminal law
Seder Kiddusim—the temple and sacrificial worship
Seder Teharot—rules of purity Written during Taan'ic Era (1st-3rd century) Rabbis of the Gemara Amoraim Mishnah=That which is memorized Same time as the destruction of the second Beit Hamikdash
Written by the Taani'm (Rabbis)
Compiled by Rabbi Judah ha Nasi Aramaic reference to preacher
1st generation: Rav and Shmuel
4th generation: Abaye and Rava Rav-founded Sura
Shmuel-founded yeshiva in Nehardea
Abaye-lead the yeshiva in Pumbedita
Rava-founded the yeshiva in Mahoza Tosafot Means supplements
On the outer margin
During 12th and 13th century
Lived in France and Germany.
Discusses passages and Rashi.
Veim Tomar introduces a diffculty
Vyesh Lomar introduces a solution. Rabbis -Rabbenu Tam lived from 1100-1171, in France -RaSHBaM was the grandson of Rashi, and the brother of Rabbenu Tab, and lived from 1080-1156. He wrote a basic commentary on the Torah. -RI, Rabbi Issac of Dampierre, was a prolific Tosafot who lived during the 12th century in France -Rabbi Hananel was written by Rabbenu Hananel ben Hushiel. He lived in Kairowan, Tuniasia from 990-1050. He didn’t explain the words like Rashi. -The students of Rabbi Gershom ben Judah wrote Rabbenu Gershom. He lived in Mainz, Germany during the 11th century. References Ein Mishpat=Well of justice
Net Mitzvah=lamp of the mitzvah Appears on the left side of the page
Used to find the laws on the page Mesoret Hashas=six orders of the Talmud Used to navigate the Talmud Hagahot Ha-bah is Rabbi Joel Sirkes definitions Corrects the grammar of the Talmud Rashi Rabbi Solomon ben Issac
Lived from 1040-1150
Explains difficult words Accomplishments: The Talmud Talmud: the study of learning History of the Talmud
Composed by Rav Ashi and Ravina in the 6th century.
Written in Babylon under Persian rule. Talmud: Gemara
Teaches halacha
Shows how the law was made (arguments) Teachings excluded from the Mishnah Baraita:
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