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Lord of the flies chapter 5

No description

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of Lord of the flies chapter 5

Ralph realises the weariness of his life.
Calls a meeting in an attempt to bring the boys back together and restore order.
The "beastie" is discussed, which provokes chaos.
Simon is the only one who believes that the fear might only be within the boys.
Language Techniques
Freudian Psychology
Id, Ego, Super Ego
Reveals that just about all the boys have a real fear of the “beast”
The talk of the beast overrides the original purpose of meeting (frustrates Ralph, who doesn’t believe beast exists)
From a religious perspective, the beast could represent the devil
From another perspective, the beast is supposed to be the evil within us (internal)
Allegory of the beast
Once again, chapter demonstrates Jack’s gradual descent into savagery and his already evident nastiness towards Piggy
Shows Ralph’s worries about being leader; worried that the boys may be drifting away from his authority and rules
chapter 5
Beast from Water

"Fat lot of good we are, said Ralph. "Three blind mice."
"the wearisomeness of this life, where . . . a considerable part of one's waking life was spent watching one's feet."
“Tormented by the
and the refusal the assembly broke into a

Personification & Allusion
“Simon’s efforts fell about him in ruins; the laughter beat him cruelly and he shrank away defenseless to his seat.”
“He lost himself in a maze of thoughts that were rendered vague by his lack of words to express them.”
“His heartbeats were choking him”
Rhetorical Questions
“What are we? Human? Or animals? Or savages? What’s grown-ups going to think?”
“What’s your name?”
“noise and excitement, scramblings, screams and laughter”
“What I mean is… Maybe it’s only us.”
Allusion/Direct Speech
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