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Operation's Management

Bayfield Mud Company

Emma Gizzarelli

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Operation's Management

Case Study Presentation Bayfield Mud Company Case Study
Introduction What is
the Problem? Solution Questions? Bayfield Mud Company Distributes mud treating agents Company has recently had an increase of demand Therefore Bayfield expanded from a one shift operation to a three shift. (24 hours a day) New employees were needed for increased shifts (night shift) Wet-Land Drilling Inc. (current customer) requested a visit from Bayfield to inspect a delivery. Wet-Land filed a complaint on delivery 50 pound bags
were short approx
5% 50 bags were
randomly checked;
average net weight
47.51 lbs *previous shipments averaging 50.0 lbs What is the Problem? Ultimately, Wet-land
is threatening to seek a new supplier if problem persists Solution Our average net weight needs to return to 50 lbs.
To do this we: Analyzed the 3 day quality control information given We arrived at R' = 265.7/72 = 3.69
& x'' = 3537.3/72 = 49.13 Next, we found: We produced an x' chart, and an R' chart Lastly, we broke up the x' chart into 24 hour segments To correct the quality issue,
we changed x" to 50 Next Steps Increase quality control
Balance employee experience over shifts
Implement a mandatory quality control system Questions
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