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Tips for Writing Personal Narratives

No description

Lori Barnett

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Tips for Writing Personal Narratives

"A personal account which offers details and a personal opinion from a particular happening or event experienced by the writer." Remember the audience you are writing for.
Make your experience meaningful to the reader/connect to the reader.
Provide details, sensory language, dialogue and dialect.
Outline/plan your story before you write it. Steps for writing a narrative To begin, write a paragraph that will introduce the experience and will show the importance of your narrative. Another way to begin is to start your story right away and explain the meaning at the end. Introductions and Conclusions Intro. Example: "We would like a little girl with brown hair and brown eyes." If my parents hadn't had this request, I may still be at The Children's Home without a family to love me. End your personal narrative by telling the readers the effect on your life or thoughts of the experience. Conclusion: Example: Now that I have kids of my own, I finally have a biological connection with someone. I do not believe, however, that you have to be "blood related" to love your family. Most days I don't even remember that I'm adopted. " A childhood memory
Achieving a goal
An event that changed your life
My biggest mistake
My most embarrassing moment
My happiest moment Personal Narrative Ideas and Topics Be sure to have characters speak in your narrative. Otherwise, it will read like a journal or report.
Think about how your characters speak. This adds to the imagery. Do they have accents, or do they use slang?
Be sure to have some of YOUR VOICE in the paragraph as well. Body paragraphs: Edit your narrative!!!! Re-read your narrative and have someone else read it also. Look for the following:
Spelling mistakes
Do ideas flow?
Are there enough details, sensory language? THAT'S ALL FOLKS! Remember: Life is a journey! Making YOUR story come alive! Tips for Writing a Personal Narrative Life is a journey. There is much to write about! A Personal Narrative Is:
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