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Birthdays in Guatemala

No description

Duane White

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Birthdays in Guatemala

By: Duane White
Trey Ruffin
Josh Moore Guatemalan Birthdays How Birthdays are celebrated How are they Celebrated ? Comparison/Contrast Traditions Birthdays are traditionally celebrated with fireworks Celebrated for up to three days Guatemala has a quincera , In Guatemala quinceras are thrown for fifteen your old females are being introduce to the idea of becoming a woman - Guatemala
Decorate with balloons and Crete paper
thanksgiving sermon at the childs home(pastor & sermon.)
Pinatas ( for rich people )
Invites entire family
Parties are mostly held at home
eats tamales and cake Fireworks are huge tradition , as mentioned earlier they are thrown at the door of the birthday boy/girl Fireworks are thrown at the door of the boy/girl Outrageous gifts, like a car for example wouldn't be given as a present. Flowers are commonly given as presents Mothers cook various foods Multiple invitations are sit to family members and friends Birthday Parties can be thrown for children of all ages -United States
Candle topped cake
Ice cream
presents expected from guest
sings happy birthday
different things Guatemalan natives created there own birthday pinatas journals.worldnomads.com
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