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Motivation letter for EVS project in Bucharest (Romania)

2013-RO-69 Asociatia 4 Culture

Elena Na

on 16 July 2013

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Transcript of Motivation letter for EVS project in Bucharest (Romania)

What about me?
I'm a very sociable person, I'm always open to new experiences, cultures and to meeting new people with differents ways to see life, something very enriching for our personal growth.
Studying Economics have tought me that another way to see and to understand the world it's possible.
I believe in voluntary action and in times like this, altruistic ideas and work it's the principal way to obtain a better society.
Best regards!
Hi! My name is Elena, I'm 23 years old and I'm from Madrid, Spain.
I'm finishing my studies in Economics
... MORE...
I've been involved since I was 17 in the fight for social rights and more specially, in the fight for LGTB rights.
I'm co-founder of IFIS, the first association for LGTB people in my town;and member of UAMentiende, LGTB association in my University.
I've collaborate with other national LGTB associations giving some sexual diversity lessons to adolescents in high schools
One of my favourite hobbies is writing, specially poetry. Last year I was finalist in a poetry competition for writers from Spain & Latin America.
I love music too and specially, singing. Sometimes, I play some songs with some friends
What EVS means for me?
Social awareness
Achieving equal opportunities for everybody is not easy, and I think I can contribute with my ideas, my personality, my work and passion to turn the world into a better place.
That's why I see EVS as a great new experience for me, because I think I have too much to give to your organization, I'm looking forward to help people in any way, to meet other volunteers as enthusiastic as I am and to learn other cultures, languages and ways to live
Living an unique experience!
The main reason is that I've always been involved in social actions and in activism. I like helping people and being involved in activities such as talks, conferences, etc.

I like Feminist Though and I like to read lots of books about it.
I think Portugal is an excellent place for me to do an EVS volunteer. I'd love to learn Portuguese because I'm sure it will help me a lot in a future. I'd like to know more about women's rights, about people from all over the world , about fighting for a better society and of course I wish that little by little we can achieve gender equality all over the world.
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