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Navigating the Transition To 1:1 Classrooms: A Teachers' Perspective

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Shannon Siegler

on 14 March 2017

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Transcript of Navigating the Transition To 1:1 Classrooms: A Teachers' Perspective

tech integration needs to be well defined
concrete examples of integrating tech into lessons (reflecting on the tech as well as the content/thinking skills)
how/when to teach tech skills
classroom management tips
using students as a resource
instruction on hardware and software
hybrid model - identifying a good fit
arrange school visits
invite teachers who are implementing 1:1 to your school
What do you do when your tech is not working?
How can you save your work?
Is there a better way?
Have you tried____ ?
basic operations
task manager
tabs / windows
It's not about the device.
expectations for school & home
Other Logistical Concerns
Our Story
May 2015 - Good News!
Navigating the Transition to 1:1 Classrooms - A Teacher's Perspective
On-Going Training
Tech Time - First Monday of Every Month
Ways to Make Teachers Feel Supported
June 2015 - Planning Summer Training
July 2015 - Two days of training
August 2015 - Parent/Student Assembly
September 2015 - 1:1 Goes Live!
Two 1/2 Day Trainings - Release Time
Opportunity to Attend the Christa McCauliffe Technology Conference
Two 1/2 Day Trainings- Inservice Days
On-Going Teacher Training Throughout the School Year
Expectations Reinforced During Lunch
standards-focused, autonomy -

with curriculum
Teachers are the experts at their grade-level- ask for input before and during
(troubleshooting/roll out/training/implementation)
Gather teachers' on-going feedback
Myth - Students are digital natives. It is okay if the teacher doesn't know how to use the technology because the students will.
tool vs. toy
Daily access to tech support for the first few months
Daily/weekly - What can I do to help?

Empathy -
What concerns do teachers have that administrators don't deal with?
(grading, new classroom management issues; new levels of differentiation; internet issues)
Time to collaborate with peers to problem-solve
Celebrate what is working
"Barney" Love
allow for glitches
Gain buy-in in a non-threatening way
Consider the needs of your stakeholders
Permission to fail
Clear time-line for developing 1:1 competency
What best meets the needs of the students?
Protective Gear - Kids tend to not care about what they don't pay for.
Personalization- downloading software/games
Tech as a Tool
Boot Camp
safe use
social media
password safety
Digital Citizenship
Empower student helpers
Share learning, successes, failures, recovery, frustration - growth mindset
Mindfulness techniques to alleviate stress - Students are stressed too.
divide and conquer by subject
In the beginning there are tech lessons that need to go with every content lesson....TIME
the myth of multi-tasking
evaluating sources
citing sources

Planning for issues: What will we do if...?
Frequent check-ins - What will we do now?
Are all students required to use tech?
Personal device usage?
Parents who refuse to participate in program?
I am nervous about the Excel lesson. I am not strong in the program and do not feel qualified to teach it. We will have to play around together.
- Siegler 9/22
"I had screen-clippings, written directions and audio clips. Still they wanted me to do it for them. I refused. They got so frustrated and angry. I told them that they needed to learn to
. I have
no intention
of relenting on this. They need to figure it out. "
Siegler - 9/25
What do I do when I am learning a new piece of tech?
Click on everything
Look for Help button and explore
Watch tutorial
Google - How do I?
YouTube videos
Ask a friend
Look for articles on "How to"
"Tell me how to do it!!"
Terms and Functions
The Process of
Learning Something New
Enduring Learning
Students do not know the basics.
Common Lexicon
tab vs. window
copy/cut/paste shortcuts
read only copy
organizing files
split screen
Basic Computer Skills
playing around and clicking buttons
Thinking Processes
Encourage reflection and celebrate growth
Create a student-generated flow chart.
1:1 Introduction
Monitoring On-line Presence
social media
book groups
Light, Bright & Polite
by Josh Ochs
Safe, Smart, Social (see resources)
setting expectations
Ongoing Communication
Between Home and School
Resources We Find Useful
@ISTEconnects @EdTech_K12 @jmattmiller @JenWilliamsEdu @LeeAroz @DailyGenius
@mrkempnz @alicekeeler
Blog - http://ditchthattextbook.com/
Kathy Schrock's Guide -
Free Tech For Teachers -
Berwick Maine School District
Ditch That Textbook
- Matt Miller
Tweeters We Recommend -
an overview of the first year of our 1:1 journey
ideas for training and supporting teachers before and during 1:1implementation
suggestions for1:1 boot camp for students
suggestions for ways to educate and support parents
logistical considerations
cache of resources our team finds useful
Session Goals
Participants will leave with:
Shannon Siegler
Email: ssiegler@laconiaschools.org
Twitter: @shannonsiegler @mrssiegs
Blog: https://engagementequalslearning.wordpress.com/
Lindsay Middleton
Thank You!
Email: lmiddleton@laconiaschools.org
Twitter: @lindsay_midds @msmidds
Blog: https://engagementequalslearning.wordpress.com/
Shannon Siegler
Lindsay Middleton
Safe, Smart Social -
Before Implementation
training needs to be structured
time to implement/plan
time for reflection (indiv./group)
software updates
streamlining processes (notebooks; folders in email)
various tech-tools resources (blogs)
teachers share the tools they use
peer modeling
school visits
During Implementation
training needs to flexible, needs based, and differentiated
Roll Out:
Educating parents
Distribution- gradual release (leave device at school);all at once; weekends?
Impact of teacher training on students
What are the expectations for students while using tech in the classroom?
What are the expectations for students who do not have a device?
How will classroom management be impacted?
What is the best seating arrangement?
What does prepared for class look like? (charging)

Three Training Days (8th & 9th) - Summer 2015
1/2 Day Trainings - Monthly
Light, Bright, & Polite
- Josh Ochs

Parent Forms
Boot Camp Framework
Help Chart Flowchart
Student Expectations
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