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IT Applications Exam 2013


Robert Mercer

on 8 August 2018

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Transcript of IT Applications Exam 2013


Exam Revision
Rob Mercer
Basis of presentation
Personal analysis of previous year’s exams
Examiners comments on previous year’s exams
Discussion with other teachers/examiners and students after exams
Marking of exams
Teaching of the subject myself
General Advice
Specific Areas of Interest
from previous study design

Study Design
Unit 3 and 4 Both Equal to the Exam
Exam cover
2 Hours + 15 min reading time
20 MCQ + 70 points worth of Short Answer (11 questions)
Monday 4 November 3:00 - 5:15pm
Worth about 50% of your mark for ITA
It is a Unit 3&4 VCE subject and there are no easy Unit3&4 VCE subjects
Work Hard!
Made a mistake? Cross it out and label.
Questions are however generally in order from easy to hard
Questions are mostly non sequential/consequential, if you get stuck go to a different question and come back
Think of the Topic
There are no trick questions, questions are designed so you can show how much you know
Rob Mercer
Don’t repeat the same point twice in 2 different ways, examiners are not easily fooled
You need to able to apply your knowledge not just remember stuff
Students often lose marks from not just lack of knowledge but from not explaining what they know properly
VCAA Key Terms
To converse or debate concerning a particular topic
Re-read your questions and answers to make sure they answer the question
Bring a highlighter – seems lame but actually works!
Be familiar with the Study Design
Use correct IT language (Glossary)
No pencil for sec B
Don’t restate the question, you will waste space
1 mark per minute is a good guide
Each exam is marked by a couple of people (teachers usually) appointed by the VCAA
Exam is designed to be fairly marked so that it does not matter who marks it
No half marks (remember when marking yourself)
Security M2, 6a, 12d,
Networking M5, 8b
Organisational Goals M17
Design 6b 6c
Backup 10a 10b
Database M15, M16, M20, 9a
Spreadsheets M7, 11c, 11d, 11e
Questions of Note
Problem Solving methodology
User interface
Consequences to violation to the law
Security threats
Other Areas of Interest
Question 2
A bank teller uses a swipe card and a login with password to access clients. bank accounts.
This security is an example of
A. physical and biometric.
B. electronic and physical.
C. biometric and biometric.
D. electronic and electronic.
Only 43% of students got this right
Fingerprint, Voice, Signature, Iris
Swipe cards, Smartcards, Passwords, Encryption
Padlocks, Cable-locks, Guards
12d Recommend one security feature the smart phones need to protect map-making and survey data when being communicated to head office. Justify your choice.
What are they referring to here?
Justification encryption would allow any crew to encrypt what they want to send to head office with a public key but only head office could decrypt it with the private key
Question 5
Separate campuses of a secondary school are two kilometres apart.
The best transmission media to securely connect all campuses to the school intranet is
A. wireless.
B. Fibre optic.
C. USB (Universal Serial Bus).
D. UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair).
Kilometres apart...
Never recommend this one, it is not used anymore
Art-Logos network is a client-server type.
8b. Describe an advantage this has for the network manager.
What are the 2 different types Network Architecture?
Question 17
The fruit and vegetable manager of a supermarket wants to increase sales by 2% over the next six months.
This is an example of
A. an organisational goal at the tactical level of decision making.
B. an organisational goal at the strategic level of decision making.
C. an organisational objective at the tactical level of decision making.
D. an organisational objective at the strategic level of decision making.
Only 28 % got this right
Mission Statement contains
Organisational goals which contain
Organisational objectives
Decisions made are either
Strategic - senior management, long period
Tactical - middle management, several weeks
Day-to-day - immediate, operational workers, time the issue occurs
Answer is C
Organisational Goals
6b. Describe one design element used to present the scientists. information and explain how this design element helps to achieve the purpose of the website.
Clarity and consistency
The important bits stand out
Directions and aspects of elements
Colour and contrast
Visual difference and white space
Easy to read and follow a pattern
Consistency of the Icons
make it easy to navigate
Contrast of the heading make it stand out and easy to read
Orientation of graph
makes it easily readable
0.7/2 Median
You have to present your plans for a colour upgrade to the website.
c. Recommend a design tool to represent the new colour choices you will make. Explain why you would use this design tool.
Annotated diagrams
Screen mock ups
Story boards
Layout diagrams
0.6/2 Median
a. Identify one reason why a patient's record file would be selected for archiving.

b. Describe one benefit for the clinic of archiving records.
- Has not been accessed in a long time
-frees up space makes searching quicker
Question 15
The most appropriate data type in a database for storing Phone Numbers such as (03) 8999 7777 is
A. text.
B. integer.
C. number.
D. autonumber.
Data Types
Only 30% of people got this right
anything that is not calculated
phone numbers, post codes,
ID numbers are stored as text
number of day since 1900 e.g. 41596.5 = 21/10/2013 12:00pm
can be decimals
yes/no, true/false
Which movie ID(s) would be returned if the query below was entered?
Category < > Thriller and Time < 90
A. 3
B. 4
C. 2, 3
D. 3, 4
Only 15% of people got this one!!
Query Symbols
<> Not
<Less than
> Greater than
Only 34% of people got this. Which is just a bit higher than random guessing
1 to
1 to 1
like many customers to one company
like many custormers to many products (there is usually another
table in between like invoices)
Say you had one table that had an items price and quantity
and another that had product details of the same item
read carefully..
In databases you need to seperate the fields as
much as possible, this makes it easier to run queries
Also of course Primary Keys have to be unique Not Surnames etc. This prevents data redundancy which can stuff up your whole database if you have 2 of the same customer!
7a. Select one of these software types and describe an advantage it has over the other.
Make sure you know the difference between spreadsheet and database!
Question 7
The formula =COUNT(B4:B11) in cell B13 will return
A. 7
B. 8
C. #######
D. an error message
Complicated queries
Multiple Access
Better Data Validation
Avoid Sort Errors
Avoid Data Duplication
Large Amounts of Data
What if?
Database (Forms, Tables, Reports)
Spreadsheets (Rows, Columns)
11a. Provide the formula for cell B2.
Practice all practical elements
Print out study design and Software Functions
Make your own notes
Previous Year’s Exam
Exam booklets, Checkpoints/Leading Edge
Nelson Questions Online
Book Questions (teacher has answers)
Database - 6
Spreadsheet 12
Gantt and PERT - MCQ20, 7a
Formatting and conventions - 3b
Networking - MCQ17
Decision making - MCQ 4
Validation and Testing - MCQ6
Ethics - 4d
Characteristics of audiences - 1
Questions of Note
Formatting and conventions
Decision making
Flow charts
Efficiency vs. effectiveness
Validation and
Average mark 0.9/2
Autonumber, Text or number would be fine here
Justification could be Autonumber or number as it can be made unique unique, Text as it can be meaningful (st083152)
<26 and >9
<=25 and >=10
Average mark 0.3/1
One record in the Category table can be related to many reacords in the Product table
It prevents data redundancy (having to type in the same data over and over), it also increases accuracy of your data and allows you to run better queries as the tables are linked.
Average mark 0.4/2
Pretty confusing question!
An ethics based question and a legal question will always come up.
Do not confuse ethics with law!
-that is what most people did
An ethical dilemma is a choice between 2 equally
undesirable choices.
In this case privacy vs. benefiting society
Average mark 0.4/3
Do you benefit from sending the information?
Would you be OK with your private records being shared?
How will this informatin benfit society?
55% got it right
Validation you can
check it's type and length etc
Test you see if the result is correct
Average 1.3/3
Most students just didn't know
what the diamond was about
wireless as it has more security options??
Average of 1.2/2
Average of 1.1/4
Bold, Headings, Shading to add clarity
Convetions are rules, they make things follow a common format so that there is consistency. Like 2 decimal points, check boxes
Average Mark - 0.2/1
Nobody knew anything abour writing an IF
Even less people knew how to write a VLOOKUP
Average Mark
Pick a value that changes the result like 38
Average mark was 0.3/1
Average mark was 0.4/1
Add labels, add a macro that highlights the max and min
This one again...remember the
53% got it right
MCQ 74% av
SA 50% av
MCQ 61% av
SA 57% av
You have 3 data items here, duration, cost and carrier. A bar, pie or column
11c. Recommend a graph and explain how it would improve communication of the information.
The mobile phone company would like to add a graph (chart) to this account.
11b. Explain why the $ signs are included in this formula.
The formula =LOOKUP(A7,$F$2:$G$4,2)*C7 has been used to calculate the result in D7.
= sum(d7:d18) – 80% got this
I think they meant Vlookup here, but $ symbols are for absolute references which lock the array F2:G4 in when you fill down
So hungry :(
Tricks won't work :(
-Should be an option
Questions of note
Legals/Privacy - MCQ 3, SA 8
Transmission Media - MCQ 15
Emergency Plans - MCQ 19
Structure Charts - MCQ5
Deleting Files - SA 8c
Macros - 12 ei-ii
MCQ - 65%
SA 51%
Deleting files
Average mark 0.7/2
Emergency Plans
42% got this
Average mark 0.7/2
Transmission media
44% got this
Design Tools
43% of people got thisrrrrrrrrrrrr
30% got this
remember 25% is random chance
20% got this
Privacy Act 1988
11 Privacy Principles
e.g. purpose, storage, transparancy, access, accuracy, relevence, security
In Victoria...
Information Privacy Act 2000
Only for Victorian State Government!
Privacy Commissioner
Health Records Act 2001
Copyright Amendment (Digital Agenda) Act 2000
Copyright Amendment Act 2006
Copyright Act 1968
Charter of Human Rights
and Responsibilities Act 2006 (Vic)
Equal Opportunity
Freedom of expression
Freedom of thought, belief religion
Privacy and reputation
Decision making (again)
39% got this
Network software
Avg 0.3/1
Content sensitive help
Avg 0.7/2
Efficiency strategy
Avg 0.8/2
Avg 0.7/2
Don't confuse with validation, done
on output
Ethics Strategy
Avg 0.7/2
Procedure etc.
Backup procedure
Avg 0.8/2
Procedure has more than one step
Effectively completes - need to compare final result
Testing backup
Avg 0.7/2
when there are no transactions
Criterion for effectiveness
Avg 0.8/2
Be specifice - number and time frame (e.g. fewer than 25 in a 3 month period)
Should be able to tick
criterions off
Areas of Interest off
Current Study Design

Charter of Human Rights and responsibilites
Act 206 (Vic)
MCQ 73%
SA - 52%
Overall Avg 57%
Overall Average 58%
Overall Avg 55%
Overall Avg 54%
Web forms
Database normalisation
Fields are seperated properley e.g.
First Name and Surname are not in
same field
Suburb and Postcode have their
own separate fields from Address
Putting repeating data in seperate tables to reduce
Everything is dependant on primary
"The key, the whole key
and nothing but the key"
Entity realtionship
diagrams (ERD)
Optional Question
Extended Response
Dot points?
Count the marks
Plan your answer
Choose wisely
Key field (underlined)
Cloud computing
Online community
Access requirments (open/closed)
Features (wiki, blog, forum, chatroom social networking)
non-technical constraints on website solutions, including privacy, copyright and human rights
Software functions
Spam Act 2003
Unsolicited commercial electronic
Identify yourself
From Aus and to Aus
Covers SMS, MMS and iM
User Name
Password - too similar
Decision making
Know your Acts
Data types
Social online protocols don't confuse with law
Data integrity
Break this down as if your are going to make, it treat it like a SAC
Formulas...where do we get these from?
Web links
Thanks and good luck......
Spread sheet questions are optional but how do you know what you need to know about software?
Formatting numbers
Strategy and Procedure
Appropriateness vs. Relevance
6 marks
Software Functions Example
9 marks!
Structuring Long Answer Question
Problem Solving Methodology
Confusing Efficiency Question
Test Data
Step 1...
Step 2...
Use these as headings
Use these as sub headings
E.g Review 3 months sales trend
Data Required....
Functions to be used
Data to test the solution
Note the 9 marks 3 x 3
Treat like an English essay!
Avg. 35%
Avg. 50%
Avg. 28%
Avg. 50%
Avg. 45%
Avg. 37%
Avg. 32%
Avg. 48%
Avg. 9%
Avg. 48%
Avg. 56%
Avg. 32%
Avg. 68%
Check the software functions on the VCAA website
Health data is most sensitive e.g. job application
Research - De-indentify
Relative may use if it is for their ongoing care
Fields arethe same format
e.g. KJ and or no decimal places
Transactional and refernce tables
Introduce code for ID
Fields have same unit e.g. 2 decimals
or all in Kg not g
Students generally do badly on this exam...
don't fool yourself or you will be one of them

Average mark 1.7
Students did not provide enough detail and depth
This is both good and bad!!
Key points
Always mention the parent Act (1968)
Automatic and free
Work needs to unique and not self evident
Does not cover words/slogans but "intellectual property"
Burden of proof can be tricky
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