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Edith Gonzalez

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Perfume

All About It! Perfume! Its History -It can be traced back to Mesopotamian times but
no one knows for sure who invented perfume

-their perfume consisted of sweet smelling woods
soaked in water and oil

-used to embalm dead Organic Vs. Synthetic Perfume -scent can last almost all day
-chemicals mixed with some natural fragrances
-cheaper than orgranic perfumes Organic Perfume The Mesopotamians The Egyptians -first to really incorporate perfume into their
-used it in religious rituals
-first to utilize perfume bottles (date back to 1000 BC)
-used for special occasions like festivals The Greeks -favorance by the Gods
-sprinkled it in the air for luck
-increased intelligence
-healing powers, cured illnesses
-heightened appetite Synthetic Side affect -headaches, allergies, dizziness, rashes, coughing, skin irritation,
-hyperpigmentation (patches of skin become darker than surrounding skin) Heatlth Risks -asthma, migrains
-hyperactivity disorder (lack of focus, compulsive actions)
-depression -lasts only about two hours
-the smell is constantly changing on the skin
-believed to be beneficial Ingredients -Palmerosa Oil (rejuvinates skin)
-Jojoba oil (helps prolong scent)
-Almond Oil (moisturizes skin)
-grasses, fruits, spices, leaves, wood, resins, gums, balsams, animal oils, flowers, blossoms Thank You!!!! That is All!!!!
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