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Greeks Project

Zak Kirk

on 20 April 2011

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Transcript of Thesus

THESeUS's Journey to Athens And Early Childhood The Start of a Journey Theseus's father was King Aegeus of Athens Rise to Fame Learned father was a great king not a god Must lift boulder as a test to see if he was worthy of what was underneath Theseus set out to meet his father at athens His mother wanted him to go by sea He decided to travel by land instead Periphetes He found his first rival in Epidaurus his name was periphetes He killed him how periphetes killed passerbyers Sinis he captured travellers and tied them to two bend down pine trees Theseus did to Sinis what Sinis did to others The Crommyonion Sow at Crommyon Theseus killed a giant pig In some adaptations of the myth the sow was named Phaea It was raised y an old hag named Phaea Sciron He forced travelers along a narrow cliff to wash his feet When they knelt down He kicked them into the sea where they were eaten by a sea monster In some versions they were eaten by a giant turtle Theseus kicked Sciron off instead Cercyon He challenged passers-by to a wrestling match When Cercyon defeated his apponents he killed them Theseus also did to Cercyon as he did to others Used stick to Pry it over The End
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