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Copy of Main Idea and Details in Nonfiction Texts

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Kristin Carlson

on 20 January 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Main Idea and Details in Nonfiction Texts

When you are reading nonfiction it is important to know how to find the...
TOPIC - 1-2 words telling what the text is about
TOPIC SENTENCE- a sentence that states that main idea of the text.
MAIN IDEA- 1-2 sentences explaining what the text is about.
Supporting Details- are details that back up or support the main idea

We have a graphic organizer right in the palm of our hand:
our palm is the main idea, our fingers are the supporting details

It is up to you to decide if you are a reader who looks for the main idea first, or the supporting details first.
I am going to read a short passage from our textbook and you can put your thumbs up when you hear a detail that you think is important.

Talk about the SUPPORTING DETAILS in what I just read.

Let me write down the SUPPORTING DETAILS you found.


a statement of the
usually located in the
sentence of a paragraph or section.

Now that you know the
lets find the
that states the

Read "Kill or Cure" on page 881 in our textbook and find the main idea, key details, and topic. Write them in the graphic organizer in your notebook. Be ready to share your thoughts.
Main Idea
Supporting Details
Lets look at the SUPPORTING DETAILS and find the MAIN IDEA.

Talk in your groups about what you think the MAIN IDEA could be?
Now, talk to your group members about the topic.

What is the topic?
What is the difference between the topic and the main idea?
Main Idea
in Informational Texts

Although Earth is unlikely to have a major collision
with a space object anytime soon, scientists feel the danger is too great to ignore.

They are using telescopes to find large, rocky space objects called asteroids. After locating an asteroid, they use computer models to predict its path.
Notice the
is directly stated
These facts
the main idea by explaining what scientists are doing to predict dangerous collisions
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