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Christelle & Jasmin

No description

lib hist

on 4 October 2016

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Transcript of Christelle & Jasmin

Reasons why founded
James Oglethorpe believed that the colony would be a better place to send poor people
Savannah became the center for commerce , culture and economic activity in the region
Founder of Georgia
The history of Georgia
state in the southeastern United States
founded by James Oglethorpe on February 12 , 1733
was the fourth state to ratify the United States constitution
before settlement by Europeans , Georgia was inhabited by the mound building cultures
the colony was administered by the Trustees for the establishment of the colony of Georgia in America under a charter issued ( and named for) King George 2
Trustees made the Oglethorpe Plan which envisioned a society of farmers and prohibited slavery
Georgia joined the Confederation and became a major theater of the Civil War
many of whom were in debaters prisons
founding a new colony in the south of South Carolina also served the strategic purposes of England , creating a barrier against the Spanish Florida
established in 1732 , last of the original 13 colonies
Savannah was Georgia's first settlement
founded by James Oglethorpe and 20 of his associates
when the first settlers landed, they built tents and promptly erected a stockade type wall around the settlement
for safety from unknown elements of the new world
within 10 years Savannah's powerful economies influenced colonial development throughout the South
Savannah was not able to compete economically until they adopted a position favorable to slavery
Type of people living in the colony
Type of religion
Why should people live in Georgia
jew found refuge in the Georgia
main church was the Anglican church
The church constituted the most influential and largest congregation of Christians
George Whitefield was a prominent English preacher in the early 18th century
he founded Bethesda which was home of orphans near Savannah in 1740's
major evangelist for the Anglican church
Bethesda continued 1805 until it was burned down , it revived in 1855
first African baptist church established in 1788 for small congregation of black baptists
George Whitefield
during the early 1700's people who settled in Georgia were mostly English , Scot-Irish , Sephardic Jews , and swiss
large population of Indian when the African population brought in by slavery
mix of many different groups created a very distinct culture in Georgia
while southern plantation life dominated the white culture , there was also the Gullah and Grechee culture,was created from West African roots near the Sea Islands
Georgia is the NUMBER ONE place to settle. The reason why is because of things it went through in the past, created it to be the place that it is well known for today. Such as producing pecans, peanut, peaches, and vidalia onions. Georgia is the place that produces valuable day to day needs of its people. Georgia has over come so much since being founded by James Oglethorpe.
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