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3D TV (No Glasses)


Alex Feldman

on 6 January 2010

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Transcript of 3D TV (No Glasses)

3D TV (No Glasses) This TV set is unlike any other. Instead of using
divided picture and making its viewer wear
glasses, these types of television sets use special
technology to give "depth" to its picture, thus
making it look three- dimensional. This TV has different lens angles
which give the illusion that the
object which is shown is 3-D.
Want an apple? Philips was one of the first
companies to create such TV.
It is called WowVX Say no to stupid looking glasses!!! This is the picture of WOWvx TV. It is 42" diagonally. At the moment Philips is working
on 2-D to 3-D conversion
technology because there is not
enough content that supports full
3-D format. "Tiny lenses are placed over each of the millions of sub-pixels in the screen which project light at one of nine angles through the front of the display. This process sends slightly different images to the left and right eyes to create the effect and can do so regardless of the angle you’re watching it from."- www.markstechnologynews.com
http://video.google.co.jp/videoplay?docid=3289745578971181874&ei=a8U3S4uGEJfWrALqtaymAw&q=WOWVX&hl=ja# FAIL THE END
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