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Should Cell Phones Be Allowed In School

To tell students that cell phones are allowed in school.

Jonathan Ford

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Should Cell Phones Be Allowed In School

Should Cell Phones Be
Allowed In School ? Introduction:

In my opinion, I think cellphones should be allowed in school. I think this because cellphones are useful devices students can use during their average day at school. Cellphones can be used in many useful ways, incase of an emergency, a school tool, or a worried parent. But it doesnt mean they should use it for the wrong reasons. I believe students should use their phones for good purposes. Here are my reasons why cell phones should be allowed in school. Reason 1: In Case of An
Emergency . Students need to worry more than just tests,
bullies are a big problem in schools, incase of a bully is threatning a student, students are able to contact a parent/guardian to come pick them up after school .If in life or death situation, students can
call the authorities or medical provider . If the student is staying after school for after
school clubs, parents can be notified that
their child is safe in school Reason 2: A School Tool . Cellphones can help students
become more organized . It speeds up information retreavel . With permission from a teacher, students
can get easy internet access for help or
ideas What You Should Do: What You Shouldn't Do: In conclusion, I beleive students can be trusted by
bringing cellphones to school. I also beleive students will
become more resonsible by taking care of their phones. If
used correctly and responsibly, students are allowed to bring cellphones to school.
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