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By Hazem Khaldieh

Li Gh

on 4 December 2015

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Transcript of SELFIE

Selfie Revolution

Events leading up to our revolution:
Excessive use of Social Media
Smartphones allowed us to access social media anywhere
Image-based social media gained popularity, which begins...
History of Selfie
First known selfie
taken by Robert
Cornelius, in 1839.
How to avoid this!
What is the logic behind this?
Selfie reflects our personalities?
Is this the true purpose of social media?
Why is this a bad thing anyways?
It's an addiction
We crave attention, but we need to learn to survive on self-encouragement
Use social media for its intended purpose,
Studies show that most teens go to social websites to fulfill their perceived needs.
Find activities to replace online media
Appreciate people for who they are, not for their photos.
Encourage yourself/others when they don't take pictures of themselves.
Selfies are all about image
Image becomes #1 priority
Result: Stress!

Teens are self-conscious and think too much
about how they look!
Facts about Selfie
7 Million people check Instagram more than 20 times a day
There are over 150 million accounts on Instagram.
There are 16 billion photos on Instagram (and counting...)
Roughly 8,500 likes per second
Selfie a big word
Word of the year
A thousand selfies posted in ten seconds on Instagram
Snapchat has 500 million photos
74% of those are selfies (as of oct.)
Messed-up Perception
Wrong perception of yourself
Makes you think you are above others
We need it.
Front Facing Camera
Just remember: Reduce, Rethink, Reflect!
The 3 R's!☻
First known selfie taken by women in 1900
By Hazem Khaldieh
First Beautiful women
But some say the true inventor of selfie is...
It can be
They made it easy-
Selfie Stick
Selfie for everyone
Selfie everywhere and anywhere
Famous people and selfie
Crazy selfies
Ways to avoid probelms
3 R's:
Anywhere and everywhere
Selfie Revolution
And finally, the best selfie of ALL times...
Technology has evolved to satisfy customers when taking selfie.
Most common picture uploaded on social media
Known by all age groups
Thank you!
* History of Selfie

* Events leading to Selfie revolution

*Selfie for everyone/everywhere.

*Facts about Selfie

*Selfie is bad

*How to avoid its consequences.
Manadeeb Selfie
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