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Australian stars

Marcelina Lazar

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Australia

Australian stars Adam Garcia is an Australian actor and tap dancer.
He was born on first of June 1973. His
father is from Colombia. His first film
was "Wilde" in 1997. He became famous
when he played main role in the film
"Bootmen" in 2000. Hugh Jackman He's an Australian actor.
He was born on the
twelveth of October1968
in Sydney. He noticed
famous when he played in
"X-men" in 2000. Mel Gibson was born on third on
January 1956 in Peekskill
in USA, but he emigrated
to Australia with his
parents in 1968. First film
in which he played was "I
Never Promised You a Rose
Garden" in 1977. He
achieve fame by role Mad
Max in "Mad Max Beyond
Thunderdome". Nicole Kidman she was born on 20th of June
1967 in USA. She lived there
for 4 years, then she moved
to Australia with her parents.
In 1983 she played in "Skin
Deep". It was her first film.
She was noticed in 1989 when
arised film "Dead Calm" Heath Ledger he was born on 04th of 04
1979 in Perth. His first film
was "Paws" in 1997. Heath
finally had deserved success
with his role in "Brokeback
Mountain" in 2005. He was
found dead on January 22,
2008 in his apartment in the
Manhattan . Miranda Otto She was born on 16th of 12 1967 in
Brisbane. Her father is an actor, too.
His name is Barry Otto. Her first film
was "Emma's War" in 1986. Her the
most famous film is "The Lord of the
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