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The King Of Queens- Media Assignmnet

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Stephanie Momney

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of The King Of Queens- Media Assignmnet

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For my media assignment the television show I chose was "The King of Queens." This show is about a childless family that lives in Queens, New York and has some extended family living with them.
Doug Heffernan Carrie Heffernan Arthur Spooner
Yes, I believe that the media portrays this family in a realistic way. Every relationship is different from another. Some people may solve their problems differently than others. Every family has their own way of doing things, no family is alike. Some families may handle their emotions better than others.
Does the media portray the family in a realistic way?
The Roles of Each Family Member
Doug finds a bag from the "Big and Tall Shop," and is upset that Carrie never told him. Doug is uncomfortable about his weight and feels as if Carrie doesn't love him as much anymore. Carrie said it would be good if Doug were to lose a bit of weight, and Doug got offended and tells her that she has some things she can work on as well.
Video Clip
In this specific video clip the family is portrayed in a negative way. Doug was upset about his weight and decided to bring Carrie down with him. He made her feel insecure about herself in many ways by telling her to wear less makeup, and fix her accent, laugh and forehead. He made her feel really bad about herself, which is not good because you shouldn't put others down just to make yourself feel better. That is not how to have a healthy relationship. At least Doug felt bad about what he said.
Overall the media portrays this family in a more positive way because Doug and Carrie always work together to fix their problems, however their ways of fixing things are not always the best ways.
Does the media portray the family in a positive or negative way?
Theories That Apply
Childless Family
Extended Family
Functions of the Family 2- Physical Care of Family Members
Functions of the Family 5- Affection, Nurturance, and Love
Functions of the Family 6-Producing and consuming goods and services
Conflict Theory
Feminist Theory
Systems Theory
Progression of the Family A-Beginning Stage
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