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Before They Got Pregnant

No description

Deen Tyler

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Before They Got Pregnant

Before They Got Pregnant
JSI Research Training Institute, Inc
Young Men's Summit
September 26, 2013

Symptoms: teenage pregnancy, gun violence, academic failure
Disease: Interruption of the family and lack of love and power
History of Family Interruption
Civil Rights
Crack, AIDS
Media, Technology & Upbringing
In 1950...
-83% of AA children lived in a home with their Mother and Father
-50% in 2010
In 1965...
-92% of childbirths happened within a marriage
-41% in 2010

In 2012...
-1 out of 6 AA men had been to prison
-Half of all AA students have been suspended
-Unemployment rate = 16% or 2.9 million
-AA families with children under 18, headed by a single female have a poverty rate of 47.5%
Child deaths
Childhood Childbearing
Divorce/Single Parenthood
Baby Mama/Baby Daddy
Things to Think About
Culturally Alert and Humble
Restore Family (versus individual); biological and "extended" with a focus on the inclusion of Elders
Outlets for love and power; including young men in these conversations
Opportunity for recognition
Understanding the "prize" and the "competition"; consumers vs. clients
Relationship and resource assessment
Reinstating identity and self-worth
Closing Thoughts
Deen H. Tyler
"...at the hear of the deterioration of the fabric of Negro society is the deterioration of the Negro family. It is the fundamental source of the weakness of the Negro community at the present time."

-Sen. Daniel Moynihan, 1965
We got here by relationship, and we won't get there with out it.
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