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First Grade Rachel van Dyke Landscapes

No description

christy steagall

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of First Grade Rachel van Dyke Landscapes

Let's take a look at landscapes
created by artists
Now what does the
word abstract mean?
Now for our focus artists: Joan Miro,
Wayne Thiebaud,
and Rachel van Dyke
Colorful Landscapes
Define Landscape:
artwork that shows mountains, valleys,
trees, rivers, and forests....
Abstract: means art that looks like something
but is a little out of the ordinary.
Jean Marc Janiaczyk Landscape Oil Painting
By: Christopher Volpe
Made by: Saint Johnsbury
Tell me
what you see
in this
Does it
look real?
But can you
tell what it is?
Now Thiebaud
What about Rachel van Dyke's artwork
...is this an abstract landscape?
Now for our project..
1. We will draw a landscape.
2. We will make it abstract.
3. We will add wild colors
to make it even more abstract.

And it will look something like this:

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