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Creating a Masterpiece

Educational Leadership Standards

Jane Perkins

on 5 January 2013

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Transcript of Creating a Masterpiece

Jane Perkins Fair State Street School
Westerly, Rhode Island Standard One Development of Mission
Statement & Group Norms
Weekly Newsletter
Planning for PTO & SIT
School-wide Student Learning
Educator Evaluation Process Actions & Experiences Guides the development, articulation, implementation, and sustenance of a shared vision of learning, and set high expectations for each student. Learning & Teaching Standard 2 Monitors and continuously improves learning and teaching. Actions & Experiences CPT Planning and Facilitation
Modeling Quality Instruction
Dana Center Common Core Curiculum
in Mathematics
Data Analysis Action Research
Whole Child RtI
Common Core Standards The experiences teachers have with other faculty members, school leaders, and the organizational structure provided by the PLC will have a profound effect on the impact that a teacher has on his or her students.

Nancy Love (1994). Using Data to Improve Learning for All: A Collaborative Approach. Opportunities Organizational Systems Standard Three Supervises daily and ongoing managment structures and practices that enhance learning
and teaching. Educator Evaluation
Weekly Newsletter
Cultural Awareness & Diversity Training
Financial Planning
Technology Opportunities Lee & Bowen (2006). Parent Involvment, Cultural Captial, and the Achievment Gap Among Elementary School Children. American Educational Research Journal, 43 (2), 193-218. Regardless of the reason for lack of parental involvement, "teachers may interpret their lack of involvement as general lack of interest in their children's education." Community Standard Four Community Staff Students Leaders Families School Responds and contributes to community interests and needs to provide the best possible education for students and their families. Actions & Experiences Opportunities PTO
District Open Forum
School Committee Action Research
Parent Liason
Disrtict PBIS Committee
Whole Child RtI
Parent Academy Collaborative Inquiry
Action Research
Communication Opportunities Collaborates to share resources of the school and community to provide critical support to children and families. Actions & Experiences Teacher in Charge
Daily "fires" - schedule changes, office
Medical emergencies, coverage for classes
Flu Clinic
Interview Committee Ethics & Integrity Standard Five Educational leaders ensure the success of each student by modeling personal development, ethical behavior, and acting with integrity. Reflection..... Actions & Experiences Opportunities PRN
Educator Evaluation Training
Dana Center Math Curriculum
Clear Expections
Research & Policy Self-reflection
Educator Evaluation
Educational Research The Education System Standard Six Actions & Experiences Opportunities RIASP Membership
School Committee
Literature Financial Planning
Inventory, Purchasing, &
Discrepencies within District
Parent Information Night The sky is the limit... ...& time is on my side! Mission, Vision, & Goals Educational
Leadership Professional influence, managing
local decisions, &
policy engagement Vision
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