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Elvia Calderon

on 17 March 2017

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Transcript of Scotland

Scotland is a place that has been invaded and settled many different times which caused contributions to culture and society. Roman soldiers, noble clansmen, vikings, powerful ruling monarchs and philosophers makes their history entertaining and complicated.Their university of St.Andrews, welcomed Britain's first women student in 1862. William Murdoch made the first house to be lit by gas in 1794. Not until 1707 two parliaments combined to make the largest trading for free block in Europe.
Scotlands traditions are unique in every way. One of their traditions are sharing Scottish poetry. Another is the Coal Carrying. They have Halloween but they call it guising refering to disguising. They have the Highland games. Burns night is when they celebrate life and work of Rabbie Burns.
Places to visit
One place you can visit is Edinburgh. Edinburgh is Scotland's capitol. Another place you can visit is Loch Ness which is wear the tale of the Loch Ness Monster is from. If you ever wanted know where the monster came from it came from it is orginated from Scotland.
So overall Scotland traditions are way different than ares. Their History is very complicated. Last their places to visit are very pretty.
Scotland in the past
The Highland games
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