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A Journey Through Productivity and Environmental Sustainabil

No description

chris grimshaw

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of A Journey Through Productivity and Environmental Sustainabil

A Journey Through Productivity and Environmental Sustainability for Anzac Automotive Systems

Chris Andersen-Grimshaw
Napinder Gill
Pete Patrick
Ana Faupula
Maria Lehmonen
Toyota and Interface
Compare And Contrast
Advantages of TMC Sustaniabilty Being Applied to AAS
Key Stakeholders contribute towards the success of a sustainability project.
Reduce: energy, and waste, Reuse: water and oils. Recycle: car batteries, metals, and tyres.
Profits, Productivity, and Competitive Advantage (New Zealand Business Council for Sustainable Development 2013).
Challenges Facing AAS associated with Implementing TMC Sustainability
Compliance issues involving City Council, Parliament, and the Automotive Association of New Zealand etc.
The start-up Cost and long term Investment maybe too expensive for the company.
Establishing and maintaining sustainability Networks within the automotive industry.
Disadvantages of TMC Sustainability Being Applied at AAS

AAS lack the fundamental knowledge required to set-up a sustainability project.
Company Policies and Procedures are not in-line with a sustainability project.
Key Stakeholders may resist the decision to go green.
Findings And Recommendations
Changes do take considerable time and capital, but effective sustainability programmes show an increase in productivity and profitability.
How We Solved the Challenges
Incremental changes.
Effective reporting procedures established.
Modify AAS's structure to a more flexible/responsive workplace.
Ensure AAS's procedures are well matched to sustainable business practices.
Fragment them into micro-stages.
Create awarness both within (staff) and outside (stakeholders, customers) of the organisation.
Green house gases.
Energy consumption.
Growth Is Important, Sustainabilty Is VITAL
AAS Should:
Examine the companys mission.
Create targets.
Develop appropriate policies.
Inform and encourage employees.
Carryout structural changes where needed.
Develop a monitoring system.
Operations Management, Heizer & Render (2013)

New Zealand Business Council for Sustainable Development (2013)
Anderson and White (2009)
Shockley (2011)
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