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Social Science

No description

Koren Pringle

on 28 February 2017

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Transcript of Social Science

Social Science
The sub-disciplines of social sciences include linguistics, economics, anthropology, and political science.
Political Science
What is Political Science-Political Science is the study of who does what where when and how and power.
The science that deals with the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services, or the material welfare of humankind.
Anthropology is the study of people and how they do things and why. Like how they behave and how they feel. For example, what religion they are in and how it affects them. This can help with society because if people didn't know how other people acted, their actions would be kind of random. This can be helpful to a historian because if they know how people act they can estimate how someone reacted to a situation.
Prezi Created By:
Corey Wagner, Seth Ordiway, Dakota Herriff, Koren Pringle
Lingustics is the study of language and how it is put together. It also focuses on how it is written and the history of the language. For example, if a linguist was studying the Mesopotamian language they would follow how it came into existence and how it works. The study of linguistics would contribute to society because without linguistics we would not be able to communicate with each other because we would not understand each other. The study of linguistics would help a historian create an account because they would be able to study what language someone used to communicate with each other during a certain time.
Social Science
Why is the people who study it important- We need these people so we know who to go to for power and important people. If there's a fire then we know to call the ambulance.
How do they help historians- we need these people to study history because they will know all the important people in the past and all the power during that time.
Overall Idea
Thank You for Watching!!!
The overall idea of Social Science is that people interact with each other. Linguistics is the study of how people communicate, political science is the study of how power is transferred between leaders, economics is the study of how people trade between each other, and anthropology is the study of how people act behavior-wise.
Social Science!

i like duc
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