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The Lost HEro

No description

jaide :)!!!

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of The Lost HEro

Point of view The Lost Hero is a third person omniscient point of view. There are three main people in this book, their names are Leo, Piper, and Jason. I am sure that this book is written in a third person point of view because it shows their feelings and their thoughts. Each chapter has a different persons point of view. For instance in chapter one it shows Piper's point of view, and then in chapter two it shows Leo,s point of view. The Lost Hero Setting By: Rick Riordan Prezi by: Jaide Kassam The setting in The Lost Hero varies a lot because they do not just stay in one place, they change settings. The main place that is mentioned in the book is Camp Half Blood. Camp Half Blood is a camp for demigods (children whose mother or father are gods). These types of gods stay here to keep safe from danger. Camp Half Blood is hidden in a big forest. Outside of the forest are cabins for each god/goddess where there children stay as well. There are also training stations where the kids train for quests. Theme The themes for this book are friendship, loyalty and trust. Friendship becuase they have to stay by each others side when something is happening, and they need the bond of friendship to keep them close and together. Loyalty because each of the main characters had to rely on one another, and put their lives in each others hands. They had to be able to trust one another, and without the aspect of trust one cannot be loyal. Trust because you have to gain trust and worth with somebody so you know no matter what you will always be there for one another. Appearance Actions Speech Other Characters Opinion Character #1 Leo Valdez "Leo looks like a latino santas elf with curly black hair, pointy ears, a cheerful babyish face and a mischievous smile". If I were describe to him, I would describe him the same way that they described him in the book. (page #5) Leo is the type of boy who can fix anything, He absolutely loves to fix objects that break. He is very excited all the time mostly because he has ADHD and is not able to sit still for a long time. Leo speaks many languages, such as Latin, Spanish and English. Leo uses basic words when he speaks, but he rarely uses words that are more intermediete, or based on his level of intelligence. I believe the other characters think Leo is a funny and foolish person. They often do not take him seriously. They do not treat him as a teenager they treat him like a little boy, because he does not really act his age. Leo is immature but means well at heart. Appearance Actions Thoughts Speech Other Character's Opinions Character #2 Piper (pipes)
Mclean "She was adorded in a beautiful white sleeveless gown, with a vneck so low it was totally embarrassing. Delicate gold arm bands circled her biceps. An intricate necklace of amber, coral and gold flower glittered on her chestand hair. Her hair was perfect lushess, long and perfect chocolate brown hair. Piper is very kind hearted, She is a tombody.She is not into doing "girly things" such as wearing make up or shopping. If she had it her, way she would prefer to play video games. She can be very aggressive and protective when someone makes fun of either her or her family. Piper always questions her mother's powers. She regrets the fact that her mom is the goddess of love, and beauty. She believes that these powers are useless and naive. Piper wishes her mother had the powers of something more beneficial like fighting and strength She can speak different languages such as Latin and English. She uses more defined and intricate words like "hugemungas" . Jason Piper Leo Conflict P Person. Vs. Person Jason has many conflicts in the book. One of them is, Jason has to battle the evil storm spirits. The spirts claim that they own Jason, and that they know things about Jason's family. Jason knew he couldn't trust, them so he followed the right path, and decided not to go with them. Piper had to face a giant named Encleadus, he kidnapped her father. Piper has to make a life changing choice to choose between either helping her friends to save a god or saving her dad and putting all of her friends at risk of danger. Leo has to face himself because he has this rare gift in which he can create fire with his hands. Nobody has been able to do this in over a century. When he creates fire, it is uncontrollable. Leo is left with the burden that he killed his mother. When he was younger the autoshop his mother owned was set on fire. He believes that he created the fire that killed his mother. Person vs themselves Person vs person Person vs Person The other character's think as Piper of as a tough and strong who can defeat anyone. No one ever wants to mess with her. Thoughts Leo often thinks how his life would have been if his mother never died. He always grieved that it was all his fault that his mother died. story plot Introduction Rising action Climax Resolution Conclusion There are three kids, Piper Mcleanon, Leo Valdez and Jason Grace. These three kids all go to a wilderness school for troubled kids. They were heading for a field trip to the Grand Canyon. Jason had his memory stolen in the begining and he had no clue where he was, who he was and even why he was there. Event #1: While all three of the kids were at the Grand Canyon, this enormous wind storm comes and unleashes strange creatures such as ventus, which is latin for storm spirts. Piper, Leo and Jason had to fight them to save their friends. When they finally killed the nasty little creatures, a kid named Annebeth came and rescued Leo, Jason and Piper. Event #2 All three of the kids arrived at Camp Half-Blood, which is a camp for children who have a godly mother or father. While they were at the camp, all three of them got claimed by their godly parent. Leo got claimed by Hephaestus, god of black smiths and fire. Piper got claimed by Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty. Jason got claimed by Zeus, lord of the sky and god of all gods/goddess. Event #3 All three of them have been granted the quest to go free the goddess Hera, who is held hostage by an evil giant. They could not travel by land because it would take to long, so the travelled by air. They used a mechanical dragon that Leo just fixed, the dragon's name was Festus. Their quest was super dangerous, they would have to fight many evil monsters and creatures. When Leo, Jason and Piper go to save Hera, they led them selves into allowing the king of Giants to rise once again. They found out that Piper's dad was held hostage by an evil giant They finally got to free Piper's dad after defeating that horrible giant. They freed the goddess Hera after she was held in a cage for a very long time. The cage was held by Gaea: (mother earth), she controls every thing. In the end, the heroes and their friends, the Hunters of Artemis, manage to save both Piper's father and Hera. Her godly life force was being used to raise the giant Porphyrion. They temporarily stalled Gaea's plans, but they were unable to completely destroy the ancient beings. They will have to face them again. With part of his memory returned, Jason realized that he is a hero from a Roman counterpart to Camp Half-Blood, which is somewhere near San Francisco, CA. Hera has switched him with the Greek hero Percy Jackson, who is now at the Roman camp called Camp Jupiter and he had no memory of his life at Camp Half-Blood. Jason and Percy had been sent as representatives to each other's camps, so that the camps could come together to fight the giants and defeat Gaea. Question #1 Question #2 Question #3 Question #4 Opinion This book is honestly the best book I have ever read. I love the series to this! I really liked the story because it's greek mythology and belive it or not I find that very interesting. Also because the book is not one of those slow paced, it is actually well paced and it is really funny, scary and in some parts its kind of romantic! I strongly encourage you readers out there to read this book. My favourite part in the book was when they all go and save the goddess Hera. While that was happening, Jason found out that he had a sister named Thalia that he finally met. Also, I liked the part when Piper saved her dad from the evil giant. It really shows that she is not only tough and strong, she actually has a sensitive side. I learnt that you cannot always count on other people to you help because you cannot always trust them. I learnt this because in the text, it said that "Piper had to choose between her father and her friends", if she chose her friends, her father would be in danger. But if she chose her father, then her friends would be in danger as well. At that point, her friends did not know whom to trust. If I could change anything in the book, I would change the characters, They did not use the same characters from "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" in this series. I was expecting the same characters from the other book in this book.
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