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Matthew Sarrazin

on 16 December 2010

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Transcript of Lutheran

Timeline Countries
Germany, Poland, Baltic Provencies, Hungry, Transolvainia, Netherlands, Denmark, Scandinavia Martin Luther Became monk in 1505
Denied authority of Pope
Challenged Church Teachings
Church did not like Luther
Pronounced heretic and outlaw
he was pronounced an outlaw by the church
his views were found widespread support among the German
Luther also protested against a variety of specific church beliefs and practices
1517 discontent with the catholic church was common Luther's words started a chain of protests Beliefs God saves form sin in the life death and resurection of Jesus
Can not be saved by good deeds
Saved by grace
Bible authority for the church
Publics worship based on "Service book" written by Luther in 1523
Riligion most important part of education Came to America in 1627
66 million believers in world
Head country is Germany
5th largest Christian group in U.S. Leaders Ministers are leaders of the church Jon, Alecia, Matt Dec 15, 2010 Encylopedia of History
World Book
The 100: by Michael H. Hart Resources Differences of other religions
Catholic Communion is the most important Honor lord and disciples Methodist Anglicon worship according to Book of Comman Prayer Facts They belive in living God
Gods love
Jesus Christ as savior and Lord
A balance of heart and head
Certain meens of grace
Disciplined living Where they live Is one of the Protestant denominations today
There are more than 66 million Lutherans world wide
36 million live in Europe
13 million Africa
8.4 million North America
7.3 million live in Asia and 1.1 million live in Latin America Similarities Presbyterianism Predestination
Catholic celebrate communion Presbyterianism Bible is authority Anglicanism Faith in Christ alone saves
Methodist Lutheranism was founded by Martin Luther, a German monk
Was started by his followers
1517 He famously protested against the Catholic church Oct 31, 1517- Lutheran church founded 1600 - classical period of Lutheran orthodoxy starts 1638 - Swedish Lutherans settle in America
1748 - the first synod was made by Heinrich Melchior 1750 - 40,000 lutherans in Pensylvania 1786 - New York Ministorium made 1800's - thousand of lutherans came to American yearly 1803 - Synod of North Carolina 1817 - Lutheran see rationalism behind Presbyterianism 1818 - Joints synod of Ohio trinity and sanctaty of the Bible
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