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Volunteer with HEEALS

No description

Nabila Talib

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Volunteer with HEEALS

Explore India As An Intern or
as a Volunteer Volunteer With HEEALS! Do you have a desire to volunteer? Are you interested in helping with the work HEEALS is doing? Do you want to intern at an Indian NGO? Discover India as a part of it. Come volunteer with us! Volunteering Can Make A Difference In People's Lives Why Volunteer or Intern with HEEALS? Living at HEEALS as a volunteer or intern would not only bring people together from around the world to work together, but also to get the chance to spend time exploring diverse Indian cultures, family systems, cultural values, heritage and tradition as a whole, as each state has a distinct flavour - while still allowing volunteers to experience Incredible India. Why Volunteer or Intern with
HEEALS? HEEALS works with local and international volunteers/interns, and are always welcome to continued support. Whether you have six months or just a few hours or weeks, HEEALS has a wide range of project opportunities. We have placements not only for university interns and professionals, but also for those who would like the opportunity to gain some hands-on experience in grass-root non-profit work.

One basic requirement for a volunteer or intern is that he or she speaks and writes English, Spanish, French, Russian or Hindi. We are looking for people who have a keen interest in community development, a good team worker, shows good initiative, are open-minded and who is willing to work in a challenging but rewarding environment. HEEALS offers an affordable volunteer and internship opportunity Organizing campaigns, events, roadshows
Implementing Environment Projects in Leh-Ladakh & Rajasthan
Pamphlet & Brochure Making
Writing press releases, newsletters & other PR materials
Teaching street children across India
Teach elementary spoken English
Ideation & Knowledge Management
Photography & Movie-making
Distance-volunteering (volunteering for HEEALS while out of India) Core Activities that
You can be involved in! Get In Touch With Us Now,
and Let Us Know How
You Can Get Involved! Heeals is a growing organization which offers volunteers and interns the unique ability and mechanism to have a truly significant role in organizational and programme development.

The variety of activities at HEEALS is available for volunteers to cater to students as well as professionals, where they incorporate a healthy mix of community development, team building and goal management tasks. E-mail us at:

Visit our volunteer blog here:
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