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F&N Energy Providing Nutrients (Haberman)

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David Haberman

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of F&N Energy Providing Nutrients (Haberman)

Nutrients Carbohydrates Protein Fat Saturated Unsaturated Cholesterol Simple Complex Amino
Acids Energy Providers 1st Energy Source 3rd Energy Source 2nd Energy Source Sugars Natural vs. Added/Man-Made Fruit Sugar - Fructose Milk Sugar - Lactose Easily Breakdown and Digest Sucrose - Cane Sugar Both contain sugars, but what is the difference
between these and those? Don't "Dew" it! Breakdown of Sugars in the body Glucose in
bloodstream IN USE TEMPORARY
STORAGE Glycogen in
Fat Dad...? So what should you know about simple carbohydrates? Starches (Polysaccharides) Combinations of sugars
that digest slowly Whole vs. Enriched What is the difference between...white & wheat (& "whole" wheat)...brown & white? WHOLE = "WHOLE" KERNEL = BRAN Removes the outside covering of the grain known as the bran ENRICHED = PARTIAL KERNEL = NO BRAN What's
do we
GRAINS? Fiber A special carbohydrate that is too complex to digest Why do we (AMERICANS) need more fiber in our diets? ...cannot be digested ...cannot be absorbed ...cannot add calories ...so are there calories to burn? Grams/Day per serving g Summary of Carbohydrates
1. Get simple, quick energy from natural sources
2. Get complex, long term energy from "whole" sources
3. Get 30 grams of fiber per day Fat that is solid at room temperature Fat that is fluid at room temperature A special fat, only found in
animal (fat) products Increases risk of
Cardiovascular Disease Decreases risk of
Cardiovascular Disease Building blocks of protein
many amino acids...
make many different proteins...
make many different tissues Mono-unsaturated, Poly-unsaturated, Omega 3-unsaturated What type of unsaturated fat is this? ...Any questions? Game Over Monosaccharides
Galactose Disaccharides
Maltose Glucose Glycogen Artificial/Alternative Sweeteners Advantages Disadvantages Sweeter than nutritive sugars
Little to no calories Health Consequences...? ...But what about High Fructose Corn Syrup? Sucrose: pure/natural sugar
50% glucose
50% fructose HFCS: modified corn starch/syrup
45% glucose
55% fructose What is the incentive for using HFCS if you are a food manufacturer? Amylose Amylopectin Resulting in.......slower breakdown in digestive system........ longer feeling of fullness How does this affect absorption in the small intestines? Insoluble Fiber Soluble Dissolves Does Not Dissolve Functions:
Slows stomach emptying
Feel fuller longer
Limits nutrient absorption
Contains 0 calories Why is fiber important? That means your body contains cholesterol regardless of if you eat it or not! This means if you are eating cholesterol from animal fat you are adding to the cholesterol your body already makes! Total Cholesterol Level

- 70% Liver (genetic/involuntary)

- 30% Dietary
(eaten/voluntary) What would happen if you have high cholesterol genetically, and you have a high cholesterol diet? Leading sources.......problem? Solutions? Lean Proteins
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