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STEM Building

No description

Vivian Trinh

on 9 February 2018

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Transcript of STEM Building

How was S.T.E.M used into your tower?
We included STEM into our tower by one, measuring the tower with a ruler, two, engineering to build and plan our tower, three, technology was included by creating this slide show.
Explaining HOW you created your tower!
We started by figuring out by playing around with the cards and figuring out which way we'd like our tower to be built.

We finally came to the decision of using Natalia's method in which we folded the cards and stacked them like a normal house of cards.
What was the original height of the tower ?
How/what did you change to increase the height of your second tower?
Since we accidentally knocked the tower down, we re-built it and combined another technique with ours to increase it by 13 cm.

The original height of our tower was 41 cm. We built on it and soon it fell down.
How do you think your changes impacted the tower?
After combining a number of techniques, we were able to transform our tower to look cooler, have more stability and become taller.
By: Vivian, Natalia, Mar-ael, Jimmy, Brenda
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