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The Persecution of Gypsies

No description

Robert Orta

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of The Persecution of Gypsies

Sources Who or what is it? What was the specific time period
What or whom does it involve? Where did it occur Why did the event happen? What were the eventual results? Internet Source: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum;Genocide of European Roma;4/20/10 <http://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/article.php?ModuleId=10005219>
Internet Source: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum;Sinti and Roma Victims of the Nazi Era;4/19/10
Internet Source: University of Minnesota; Gypsies: A persecuted race;4/20/10
Internet Source: Black, Edwin; Then They Came for the Gypsies: The Legacy of Death's Calculator;4/20/10
This occured over all of Europe, but mostly in Germany and Austria. Gypsies were taken to Concentration Camps were they were killed by gas, shootings, starvation, or disease. A Gypsy is someone who travels place to place in search of work. They are often dark-skinned and dark-haired and speaks Romani. They are thought to have come from Northern India, but now live on all seven continents. But mostly in Europe, North America, and North Africa. The word Gypsy is derived from the word Egyptian.
Persecution of the Gypsies started in the early 14th century. When the Gypsies moved into Europe where the Christian Church was building. The Church treated Gypsies as evil people because of their dark skin. Gypsies had their left ear cut off to identity them, to brand them just like Hitler would do six Century's from now.The genocide of Gypsies started in 1933 when the Nazis came to power over Germany.
The end results of the Holocaust was that Millions of people were killed. And many more Men, Women, and Children that were physically and mentally harmed. The Persecution involves the Christian Church for outcasting Gypsies and Nazi Germany the Genocide of Millions of Gypsies
The Genocide of the Gypsies happened because Hitler and Nazi Germany wanted and NEEDED something or someone to blame for the failures of their Government. This topic is related to the persecution and mass murder of Jews in Europe. Nazi Germany and Hitler sent Jews to camps to kill Jews just like they did with the Gypsies. Also Jews were one of the people Hitler and Nazi Germany decided to Kill off to create a clean slate for Germany. Relate your Topic to another person, place, or event in History.
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