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Babb Center Program Orientation

No description

Ron Orick

on 9 January 2019

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Transcript of Babb Center Program Orientation

Babb Center Program Orientation
Student Professional Development Program
What is it?
How to Get Started
Certificate Requirements
Other Activities
Career Fairs
Grad School sessions
Chamber of Commerce events
Awards Banquet
Approved UAFS events
Career Services activities
Family Enterprise Center
Approved corporate sponsored events

Other Stuff
Overview - Mission
The Babb Center for Student Professional Development (CSPD) empowers UAFS students to develop the professional skills and personal attributes valued by prospective employers through career preparation programs, experiential learning, and collaborations with UAFS partners.
Deliver a quality Certificate program that provides UAFS students career-preparation programs and services to develop the essential skills needed to excel in today’s competitive global economy
To develop relationships with alumni and employers resulting in internship and full-time career opportunities for students.
To serve as a valuable recruitment tool for corporate partners
Program Requirements
Minimum GPA of 2.50 at time of program application
Distinction in Professional Development Certificate
To participate you must qualify..
Student Option Sessions
Creating an ePortfolio
StrengthsQuest II
Career Fair Preparation
CareerLink 101
Using Optimal Resume
Developing a Personal Website/ePortfolio
Other Requirements
Attend at least 1 Career Fair as senior
may include major specific career fairs
Attend at least 4 Networking Mixers
at least 1 per semester in senior year
Have a 2.75 GPA at degree completion
Silver Level Certificate
Complete Silver Level Requirements
Successfully complete an approved internship for academic credit
Participate in any 2 of the following:
Successfully complete a faculty approved research project
Successfully complete a MayMester class in an approved environment
Present or compete in an organizational regional/state/national competition
Complete 15 hours in an approved campus organization leadership project(s)
Complete 15 hours in an approved community service project(s)
Registration - NumaLink
records attendance
progress sheets
Gold Level Certificate
Internship (for credit only)
within last year
MayMester (in field of study)
within last year
Research Projects
within last year
Career Assessment
First code is paid for by the Babb Center
"No Show" Policy
Be professional. You are expected to attend events in which you register!
First No Show
Write an email to the Director of the Babb Center Program with reason why you missed the workshop or activity.

Possible suspension from program if no response is received to email from Director asking for reason for missing workshop or activity

2nd No Show
Send an email to the Director of the Babb Center explaining the reason for missing the workshop or activity

Possible suspension from program if no response from email request from Director is received

Meet with Director of Babb Center
3rd No Show
Meet with Director of Babb Center

Possible suspension from the Babb Center program activities for remainder of semester and upcoming semester if:
no valid reasons for no shows, or
non-responsive to emails asking for reason for missing
Contact Info:
Ron Orick
Executive Director
Career Services/Babb Center for Student Professional Development
Boreham Library, Room 216
(479) 788-7019
If requirements for the certificate are met, when you graduate:
Will receive UAFS Distinction in Professional Development Certificate
It will appear on a co-curricular transcript
Receive graduation cords
Silver and Gold Levels
Business Majors:
Be enrolled in Business Communications
Be admitted into the College of Business
Other Majors:
Junior level status in field of study

Basic Resume Writing
Interview Skills
Creating a Career Action Plan/NACA Next
Complete a Skills Assessment/CliftonStrengths I
Networking 101/Creating an Elevator Speech
Utilizing LinkedIn in your Job Search
Telephone/Virtual Interview Skills
2 Student Option Sessions
12 Required Sessions or Events
Senior Level Workshops:
Job Search
Practice Interview
Advanced Resume Writing
Other approved events:
Accounting Round Robin
Psychology Symposium
Criminal Justice Symposium
What Not to Wear
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