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Tennis Racquet Manufacturing Process

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Isabelle Iwatsubo

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of Tennis Racquet Manufacturing Process

Creating the Frame
Creating the Frame (cont.)
Individual workers string the racket by placing it at a stringing machine
The length-wise strings are threaded through forcefully first
The machine adjusts the tension of the strings
The cross strings are threaded through afterward and the tension is adjusted

Creating the Frame (cont.)
The frame is filed down to become smooth
The frame is placed into a machine which drills the holes that the strings are woven through
A coat is painted onto the racket to achieve the desired color

Tennis Racquet Manufacturing Process
The end of the racket is cut off a plastic cap is placed
The handle is wrapped in double sided tape and then a vinyl grip tape
Any decal is then placed on the racket

The Handle
The rackets are then tested by tennis players to ensure the efficiency of the racket
Lab tests make sure the rackets are within the given constraints
Lab tests also make sure the performance of the racket is adequate.

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Strips of carbon fibers and fiberglass material are layered around a flexible tube
The tube is placed into a mold that gives the frame its shape

Carbon fibers
Nylon string
Vinyl tape
Grip tape

Air is pumped through the hollows of the tube
The mold is either left hollow or is filled with foam and is then heated
The heat bonds the strips together and the foam and air pressure expands the tube

By: Isabelle Iwatsubo
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