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Pierre C

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of TRA-DWELL

Reaching people

Transnational Dance Walkabout in Europe
A project conducted by
Petra Eriksson and Pierre Chesneau
in cooperation with 
They share the passion of these cultures as much as the need to understand organic movements and authentic spirit in dancing. There lies the foundation of this project.
Find here a basic view on who they are, what they dance and get an idea of the type of methods they would like to work with.
Alongside many collaborations on dance and the development of his own pedagogy, Pierre played as professional musician in several formations and organized dance events in Italy, France, Belgium, Holland, etc...
Pierre Chesneau
Pierre Chesneau grew up in the folk revival movements in France and has become a professional dancer through teaching very regularly in many countries of Europe for the last five years.
Petra Eriksson
In 2004, Petra Eriksson did a one-year course in traditional dance at Eric Sahlström Institutet in Sweden. Since then she has never stopped to develop her practice of her art and her pedagogy. She has been teaching and dancing folk dance as a free-lance, both in Sweden and abroad.
Apart form teaching she has also worked as a dancer the last eight years in different projects and lately she is working on a film art project in cooperation with Anna Öberg. She has also been a project leader/producer for the project RESiDANS.
She also sometimes flies
Some projects and cooperations: Nordic featuring STHLM Moves, (Nordic, Anna Öberg, Anton Schneider) LinnaeusVäsen, (Väsen), Folkjul (Gunnar Idenstam, Lisa Rydberg, Sofia Karlsson, Anton Schneider S:t Jakobs vocal ensemble, conductor Gary Graden), Bach på svenska (Lisa Rydberg and Gunnar Idenstam), Emilia Amper, Erik Rydvall, Mia och Michael Marin, Collage (Aurélie Giet/BE).
Transnational Dance Walkabout in Europe
Petra and Pierre meet at folk dance festivals.
And full screen for better experience
to navigate
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