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Le Navet Bete- Dick Tracy

No description

Jed Holmes

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of Le Navet Bete- Dick Tracy

How much will it Cost?
£7 Adults
£5 Children
£20 Family (2 adults +2 Children, 1 adult+3)

On the door £1 extra
At the School Hall
April the 23rd 7:00pm
Is this any Good?
Yes, it is by the same people that did Once upon a Western. People really enjoyed it, and these people have been all over the world doing their productions. Last time they came here, the came out at lunch in their cowboy outfits and people loved them.
What is the plot?
The show is about Dick Tracy, a square jawed, hard hitting, fast shooting comic book detective.
Here is the a video of their previous show
So who is coming along?
Raise your hands if you plan to come along.

Thanks for listening-Any Questions
Le Navet Bete- Dick Tracy
Where does the profit go?
All profit is going to the Drama department for future shows like Bugsy Malone. This will be spent on equipment. e.g. intercom headsets
Is there anything I need to know?
Yes, there will be loud bangs & flash pyrotechnics used during the performance.
What do other people think of it?
"Absolutely and deliciously bonkers" British Theater
"If all theater was like this, we wouldn't need TV"
BBC Radio 6
"A company on top form and
leagues ahead of anyone else
doing this work."
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