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Maths KS2

Rhifedd CA2

Michael Davies

on 11 June 2011

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Transcript of Maths KS2

L.O. Understanding numbers First I want you all to help me count using this Can you please tell me the value of these numbers: 9 29 629 4629 What whole numbers make 4629 ?
Discuss in your pairs and write the answers on your
mini whiteboards. What about 3948?
Discuss and write your
answers on the whiteboards. 5736?
Discuss and show me your answers please. In your books I would like you to show me the numbers that make up these: For example you would write:
4629 Please complete these:
Year 3
27 48
79 99
102 113
234 496
738 1235
1397 2456 Year 4
112 103
296 758
1111 1387
4735 9864
11978 12357
14944 26732 If we think about our place value: Th H T U and I have the number 1395, which digits would change if I wanted to add 100? Th H T U
1 3 9 5 Discuss and show me your answer on the whiteboards. Use your whiteboards to show me the value of the digits that are being pointed at: 24 39 156 1138 2974 1138 2974 What about adding 10 to this number:
Discuss and show please.
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