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Cultures Of Living Spaces

No description

Abdul Raheem

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Cultures Of Living Spaces

Cultures of Living Spaces Abdul Raheem Concepts and Approaches One Bedroom One and a Half Bedroom Two Bedroom My designs were heavily influenced by the orientation,
practicality and maximizing space efficiency. Also looking through a lens of personal experience with common house holds in Bangalore, I have made a certain number of observations. Most houses were very cramped, obviously space was a constraint. The flow and space for activities was most often disregarded and peopled learnt to adjust with it. Natural light in the house brings about a certain energy and is one of the deciding factors for most house purchases My apartments ideas are all evolutions of my first concept. Each step of the evolution was a learning process, trying to contain the heat, and yet still keep the house naturally lit. Experimentation with levels and trying to fit them into an apartment system. N E The bedroom is facing north east to get the morning sunlight
and the balcony is towards the west to absorb most of the heat during the latter half of the day. Shifting the layouts has helped me maximize the use of space and still have adequate space for movement. In the one and half bedroom, I tried segregating each of the activities. Since the bedroom is facing the southwest there is a balcony around its periphary to absorb most of the heat. In the two Bedroom I have tried to play around with the levels. Learnings Understanding 3d space Understanding Dimensions and mapping them out I have aquired many software skills.
3ds Max
Google Sketchup
Prezi (Presentation software) Importance and understanding the use of space and the activities around which
it is centered. Understanding Affordability
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