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Yvo Rolefes

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By: Yvo Rolefes Channel Tunnel GO THAT WAY The Introduction 1. History
2. The Construction
3. How it is now
4. Interesting facts The History *1802: The first proposal. Illuminated with Oil lamps and mid-channel port for horses.

*1856: The proposal with a port on the Varne sandbank

*1876 -1881: First attempt of tunneling under the Channel

The English 2.13 diameter boring machine dug 1891 metre tunnel.

The French boring machine similar to the english one dug 1669 metre tunnel

The project was abandoned in May 1882 Project from 1856 Choo Choo! I'm a train! The Constuction *1988: The modern construction began

*Three tunnels

*Person Train
*Cars and Cargo
*Service Tunnel

*Air vents and pressure The tunnel boring macine The tunnel in progress How it is now The break trough with England and France was on 01.12.1990 The completed project got opened by Queen Elizabeth II and French President François Mitterand on may 6 1994.

Since this moment the channel tunnel was used by four times the population of the UK The left train is ment for carrying people and the one on the right for cars The car train on the inside Interesting facts In april 2004, one of the 580-tonne drills has been for sale on eBay. It was sold for £39999 Parked nose to tail, all the vehicles that have travelled with the channel tunnel could reach the moon! One of the boring machines from the british side is still somewhere underground The 11 boring machines used weigh more than the Eiffel tower. (Boring machines 12,000 Tonnes, Eiffel tower 11,000 Tonnes) With 37,9KM underwater, it is the longest underwater tunnel of the world Thanks for listening Any questions? They found chalk from 100 Million years ago when tunneling and building Seeeeeeeeeeecreeeeeeet Moviieeeeeeeee!
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