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Student Teaching

No description

Brandy Hepler

on 21 December 2015

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Transcript of Student Teaching

Student Teaching
Spring 2016

University Supervisors
Provide the following to your Supervisor
Contact Information
Up-to-date weekly schedule
Reflective journal (a mandatory requirement that must be maintained by every teacher candidate)
Written and detailed lesson plans
Updated Work Progress Report signed by triad at semester's end.

You are a Guest
Teachers and Principals take great pride in their schools and classrooms
Learn their rules and procedures and follow them
Get to know the staff and be respectful

4 formative evaluations by the University Supervisor
4 formative evaluations by the Cooperating Teacher
1 midterm evaluation by the University Supervisor and Cooperating Teacher (3 goals made here)
1 summative evaluation by the University Supervisor and Cooperating Teacher
All evaluations available to view on the clinical website

Be on time. (That means be at least 10 minutes early)
Stay late - leave when the cooperating teacher leaves
If you need to miss, contact your cooperating teacher and supervisor
If you miss more than 2 days (including snow days) contact my office as well
If you have a “C” or lower at Midterm, the Director of Field and Clinical will come to meet with you, your cooperating teacher, and university supervisor.
The Director of Field and Clinical may come to observe a lesson depending on the circumstances.

Follow a Code of Ethics
Provide non-discriminatory and professional educational services
Protect the health and safety of all students
Use reasonable disciplinary action in consultation with your cooperating teacher and use building policy
Do NOT falsify or misinterpret records or facts about your qualifications
Do not knowingly make false or malicious statements about students or colleagues (including discussions on social networks)

Social Media
Clean up your social media
Use caution
Do not friend your students (Amy Hestir Student Protection Act)
Employers WILL look you up
Look yourself and see what you find
Dress professionally
Lean down, bend over, reach up
Look around. How are the other teachers of your gender dressed? That is the standard.
Casual Fridays
Honesty and integrity
Communication (verbal and written)
Interpersonal (relates well to others)
Strong work ethic
Motivation; takes initiative
Professionalism and etiquette
Customer service
Organizational skills
Skills Employers Seek
Lesson Plans
Use your planning time wisely.
The MoPTA format (or the equivalent of) is to be used until your cooperating teacher and university supervisor agree you are ready to start utilizing a shorter format.
Prepare a lesson plan for every lesson you are responsible for teaching.
Turn in your lesson plans the Friday before they are taught to your cooperating teacher for review. Then submit to your university supervisor.
Do not stick with the textbook lessons. This is your time to shine! Be creative!

Terminating Assignments
If a school asks you to discontinue student teaching in their school, you have the right to an appeal.
Write a formal letter to the Dean of the College of Education.
You will meet with the Dean, Director of Field and Clinical, and the Department Chair who will determine if you can continue in the program.
If you are permitted to continue in the program, you need to reapply for student teaching for the following semester.
Biggest reason for terminating assignments: “Not taking student teaching seriously” and not lesson planning.

Substitute Teaching
Remember: you are a student teacher. You are not a substitute.
If the cooperating teacher cannot be in the building for a day, or for even half a day, the school must pay a substitute to take their place.
This is a legal issue that needs to be taken seriously.
You can be paid for after school activities (i.e. coaching). You are NOT to be paid during the school day while student teaching.

Student Teaching
This is available on our Field and Clinical web page
Become familiar
Many of your questions can be addressed there

Contact Information
Mrs. Brandy Hepler, Director
Mrs. Anita Sides, Field and Clinical Technical Assistant
Email: fieldexperiences@semo.edu
Phone: 573-651-2125

The Beginning!

Wishing you the best of luck!
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