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New York Colony

No description

lib hist

on 27 October 2016

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Transcript of New York Colony

Types of Economy
Some jobs included printers, clockmakers, barbers, tanners, milliners, dyers, menders, or the shipping business. Farmers harvested many crops consisting of squash, beans, corn, melons, grapes, apples, peaches, flax, rye, wheat, and tobacco. There was also timber, iron, livestock, and the trading of furs.
Settle in New York!!!
The founder of New York was Peter Minuit. He and his family joined part of the Dutch West India Company. He was appointed as the director of New Netherland, later renamed New York after the Duke of York. Minuit was credited with the purchase of the island of Manhattan from the Indians in exchange for traded goods.
Types of People Living in Colony
Many Europeans came to live in the colony or as refugees since the Dutch were open to everyone as others were not. Farmers made up a large part of jobs. As farmers grew many plants, many hands were needed to help nurture them. Thus, slaves were brought from Africa and made up part of the population of settlers in New York. Many native Americans lived, traded with the settlers, and were very friendly and peaceful.
Reasons Founded
The New York colony was founded for economic and political reasons, monetary gain, and the trade of furs for which they partially relied on for money.
New York Colony
We have plenty of jobs to offer! We have many farmers so food should not be hard to find. We have friendly Native American neighbors who teach us how to make the most of our lands! There are wood and brick houses that make for good shelter against the elements. There are bedstedes which can be closed up from the inside to protect sleepers from the cold night air. You can practice ANY religion you want and it doesn't matter where you're from! You would have an amazing life here, would have food to eat, and a comfortable place to sleep and live.
Kyla Hoffbauer & Gabi Torres
Colonial History
The New York colony did not have a specific dominate religion. Colonists were free to worship as they pleased. They practiced as Catholics, Jews, Lutherans, and Quakers among others.



New York was originally New Netherlands and was founded by Peter Minuit, purchasing the island of Manhattan for the Dutch. The English king, Charles the II did not like that the Dutch were trading with the English colonies, so he sent out warships to fight the Dutch. The Dutch became aware of the enforcements being sent and decided they did not have a chance of winning, giving up to the English, in August of 1664. The English changed the name from New Netherlands to New York after the king's brother, James, the Duke of York.
New York Colony Seal
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